Sunday, December 18, 2011

3:00 AM again

This is my forth starting over writing this journal entry. Oh, I’ll save what I have written including all my privately voiced disappointments. But rather than publicize them here I’ll put them away for now and perhaps for always leaving them for discovery long after I’m gone. The whole bunch of uselesses beyond comprehension.
Upon a brighter note Fillip and I made some headway upon the rabbit house conversion. In addition to making some reconstruction headway, we had also managed to pick-up and spirit away some lingering useless less than stellar salvageable debris. Some cut up for firewood, some for out’n’out trash, and some for recyclable scrap. Not much goes to waste around here. Biggest single improvement bringing the new use building closer to usefulness Fillip and I managed lay down maybe 80% of the plywood flooring. Some rather useless looking pieces of lumber under my power saw’s attention have found usefulness supporting roles under the remaining unfinished floorings.
Fillips taken to wrecking some more of the building. I’ll be glad when we’ve finally finished all the riddance of those materials needing relocating for the assembly looks of the final product.
Firewood holding up for the present perhaps we’ll see some major change in our reconstruction changes tomorrow. Bare with me…..

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