Thursday, December 22, 2011

12-21-2011 Crazed Out Day

A rain day it is and I’m completely fuzzed-up. Lighteninged like high voltaged instantaneous comin’n’goin’s bolts started early this very AM. By 9:00 AM Fillip was determined to take me to the horsepistol. I fought it suggesting meself be taken to Dr George. Doc’s office countermanded my wishes Doc’s boss, Mrs. George, insisting over my objections Fillip take me to the horsepistol. Telling Bro’ of my plight he drove us.
On arrival triage efficiency had me ushered in in no time. Deposited in a cubical I was left to set near 2 hrs before I was looked at. Then I was tempted, BP-ed, and talked too. Shortly thereafter I was directed to be cat-scanned. The Horsepistal Doc’s conferring together found nothing discharging me six hrs later without an admittance. Best I was given was prescription for valium to be taken 3/daily until gone. Crazy! I take them valiums in those quantities I’ll likely wake up dead on the other side? Valium’s a muscle relaxant! The heart is a muscle! Taking them things would be about equal to playing with loaded drugs Russian roulette.
My Bro’s return driven drive gathering us at 4:00PM, at about six mile from home here come the those damnable stricking pains again, like lightening bolts rising for my derriere climaxing inside my cranium. Home I’ve taken a couple them acetaminophens. Them’s about as heavy an unsubscribed drug I allow myself to take, let alone anything else what may jeopardized my hanging around getting even with my Old Lady.
Again over and done with yet another kind of running it was again 4:30 early evening‘s dark. There wasn’t even enough time left to again look at our tools let alone get them out. It’s been a perfectly crazed day!

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