Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My (our) Day

Started out postponing breakfast for a morning spring born heifer mob who had gotten having a good time running loose about Biro’s neighborhood. Always on the ball, that bunch on the other end, I was informed I had to grind today. I don’t know how many day’s they’ve been without, I suggested they find a way to keep me better informed.
The baby bovines pushed home and gated, I put the dumpy truck backed up the grade for the feed-wagon’s hitching to Dumpy. A side trip to the elevator we had all the ingredients for a grind.
After lunch we replaced (again) the 4020’s sparkplugs, fed the animals, took splitter in tow for fix and went to shop. Well, this wasn’t all we did, only the highlights. It was a pretty day, one we proved we could enjoy. And, for best laid my plans for today, we can still do them tomorrow.

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