Friday, December 2, 2011

Some wake up

I’d had a good sleep as sleep goes. Woke at 3”as per halving to take a short walk as usual. I checked the fire, then had me a small snack: a glass milk, couple cookies, and an apple. Not yet fully awake I laid down the sandman‘s dirty tricks still closing my eyes. I soundly slept until, I‘m just short of ashamed to say 6:30 AM. No normal wake up calling, it was a hot irreverent stabbing charliehorse in my right calf. I mean a mad act gripping instantly bringing me to my feet in one smooth determined on my feet start. Marching in place I managed step it out without an continued need for a valium. Photobucket Sort of pooped for the start, gone nowhere walk, leg feeling better I laid back down. Then here comes Stats (cat) nuzzling my hand looking to get my hand busily petting him. My eyes morning watering, looking thru the passing sea of controlled tears I see the clock it’s hands telling me it’s an hour’n’half past my usual wakie time, an half hour past my rattler time. It was truly time to get up and prepare for my day. Up I go for a glass water, I bend in front the stove, open it and find it burning the last piece wood I had put in earlier. I poked at the pieces half charred woods and add another drier piece to enliven the flames morning’s warmth. That crazy cat’s just what we needed around here, a fur balled normal pain in the neck.
Oh crap, what all happened today? Lets see, the Sun had come out today after it had snowen some last night. Visited with a neighbor over coffee this morning his TWP trying to deny him his right to farm. Regardless what the high’n’mighty muckity muckity echelon want to shove he can’t do down the man’s throat. I gave him a list of the neighbors most likely be on his side. Oh oops, I forgot to mention the man raises ponies. His neighbors are objecting. Any way its becoming more interesting everyday.
Before I knew it diner tie had overtaken me. Sitting here enjoying s cold dinner offering I be jiggered if my left leg didn’t want to get up and take a walk about. That cussed restless leg syndrome had decided to kick in regardless my mind against it. Hurrying my diner I was off’s’on walking it out and getting back to work. Then at that I drove Fillip and I right into an afternoon’s spirited in load of excess commodities Bro’ had run into Flint to haul home. Must have been a ton of perfectly good onions, a pallet load mixed fruits’n’vegetables (peppers banana’s, apples, and greens), 294 cubic feet baked goods. I saved us some better onions for ourselves and neighbors, plus our household is all set for bread and cakes for another month. Fillip has already put his monogram upon a whole box full a donut holes. Stingy!
I’ve got to get to bed soon ow. Headaches and electrical nervous system strikes passing through my nerves. Some of these spikes rattle my whole frame causing my family to repeatedly ask, “Are you alright?” Perhaps if I’m prone, blanket covered nobody will see another electrical flash. So, I’ve simply got to lie down. Nite-nite!

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