Thursday, December 15, 2011

Win some-loose some

1st off I took a big-a bag of onions over to the food pantry outlet. As many the many people who’d showed up I should have taken two bags.
Went by the drug store for Fillip’s medications. There were no medications. Rite-aid corporate had messed up again.
Was close enough to lunch time by time I returned home, I lunched.
After lunch I made a trade deal with two just hanging inn there trailer tires mounted, holding air, on mobil-home trailer rims in exchange for two automobile hoods. Thought is using them under the skid beams noses to slid the oil house into position off the drive way. The auto hoods will act as the nose pieces so‘s those beam’s don‘t dig in or plow up the dirt in the area the shed‘s planned place is to come to rest.
While I was thinking about filling another two bushel tub with opened bake goods Bro‘ arrived with another full load surplus commodities. Dropping all else, even chores I hadn’t even started I got into unwrapping fruits and vegetables. While Bro’ removed the humongous boxes of baked goods into his garage and our shop for dry storage areas I had delved into preparing the fruits and vegetables for livestock feeding.
Separating food from plastic wrap I (including Fillip) we filled two field crates with numerous good eating bit of okay produce: oranges, bananas, celery, scallions, apples (2 kinds), lemons, carrots, hot house tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, a couple heads lettuce, and much more. There were umpteen packages fresh herbs and spices I tried saving for personal use. A couple field boxes we filled with cabbages, greens, lettuce, a lot of the same commodities I saved for ourselves, plus spuds. There was some other stuff to numerous my fleeting mind can’t remember. But I can write one sentence well enough. We’ve a dandy bonanza of good eating offering to fest upon the coming Holiday weeks; and, I haven’t even gotten to the baked goods yet. Good gosh Gerty. I’m drooling all over my anticipation’s key board….
Oh nuts! I had forgotten to grind grain today. I guess I know what I'll be doing 1st come morning. Duuh!

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