Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12-26-2011 Got high hopes…..
For something like two weeks my head has been banged away with electrically energized momentary lightening headache strikes. What? I’m using to many adjectives? Well, I’ll tell my reader at their height they tired me out to the extent when they came upon me in unexpected series (zap, zap, zap) they rocked me. So very glad I am Fillip is here. He’s taking over the driving, machine operation’s. There’s been no skill nor chainsaw operating in my hands for days. Heez! I go to get back to these activities seriously like. We’re needing fire wood, got the oil house to finish before its buried in snow, and luckily have finally gotten Bro’ seeing the necessity of replacing an 1850’s Hydra-drive transmission. After that there’s still no Winter’s ends to the have to’s before Springs reawakening. Gosh, feeling blessed, I’ve wakened up without one them instantaneous electrical stabs to the back of my head. Seeing Eric the chiropractor was the could-de-graw for his sought out help last Friday. Mind you, liken Frieda’s suggesting I haven’t put one of Eric’s return tune-up’s out of mind yet. Biggest problem facing me these next few healing days is knowing my physical limitations. Thinken is, next few days if the weather turns snooty I should be able to wrench safely, inside, without any fears any worse than the occasionally dropped nut or bolt!
I got-to make up a small immediate project recap: 1850’s transmission replacement, finish oil house, cut firewood. Then there’s the longer termed fun projects: Quad-ra-cycle, the Cushman Haulster, finish (works in progress) country Santa’s story book. And, how about the immediate transportation projects: Dumpy trucks body repairs (to make gear shifting easier (right) again), Ugly trucks transmission rebuilt, Green trucks engine rebuild and body repairs. Whew, sure glad I don’t have any more to do. But the, I’ve spotted some three (Cushman Eagle look a-likes) motor scooters for $250/00 each witch could come in handy motorized cattle rounder-uppers?
Now a moment for yesterdays claims to incidentally un-cheered production’s fame: ground grain, next tractor repair project put in shop, plus some other incidental farm’s living chores, and just plainly worrying wearing me out tired over this whole trying to keep my even living as much fun as it had once been.
Well, so much for the morbid side of the golden years aging!!! What a bunch of propaganda-ed crapola! Now I feel better, this last writtened line spilled’n’off my mind!
Opps, the sandman’s determination I neglected to finish this journal entry evening last. And, even at that I’ve evidently lost a day. Oh well ’ll write more into the next entry!

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Paula said...

sorry you're feeling so badly Fernan. Glad your son is there to hep you. Take care of your self.