Monday, December 19, 2011

Invasion’s over’n’past

TG! The klepto drugies have come’n’gone. TG! Cleverest thing I could have done and it worked just hunky-dorily, I’d shipped Her Mostess out of the house over to her bestest girl friend's place for a day’s visit. And none to soon. Rat soon after I had returned home here they had come pulling into our driveway. With them they had supposedly brought up a load of more Fillips belongings. Checking some his bags they contained his Winter clothing he had thought he’d never seen again. He's delighted.
My grandson supposedly having made a deal for a transmission purchase had found the seller wouldn’t be home until after 6:00 this evening. He hadn’t a name, an address, nor a phone number. Well prepared aye what? My having explained Frieda's gone to another home for a rest. Fillip telling them she had gone to a close friend of her's for a visit. I’m sure they have plenty of bogus information to chew over on their ways back-home today. I had further explained we could not hang around here all day insisting we had work to do. Luckily Her Mostess gone they decided not to hang around for six hours I was pleased they had come and gone, real gone.
Fillip and I holding down the fort when they had divided some having moseyed into the house, our forces divided upon necessity, I came in to sit-out the house while Fillip unloaded his stuff. Sheesh! What a morning we had.
Home at near 5:00 on the dot I took my rattlers leaving the driving to Fillip. Gone before I had drowned my rattlers I can only hope the as I write this Fillip has buriedly himself gotten lost going after his Mother. I’m hoping his whole one hour round trip drive will get them home before midnight.
Our afternoon’s efforts putting together the new Oil House I finished laying most the floor. Fillip managed to nail in more blocking. Fillip had also….ah…..never mind! We did have a good time bringing that structure closer to usefulness with every hour we manage to put on it. Unfortunately tomorrow’s going to be another short day. Meanwhile I’m wondering when will I ever see a flurry of uncommitted days so’s I may have some uninterrupted days’n’hours to get something I want-done done?

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