Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12-27-2011 Interminably absent

Apparently loosing a day I offer this dull smidgen of totally unnecessary information that’ll bore any otherwise intelligent reader. (grin) So let me get to it, even if my conribution doesn’t make total sense. I might add forgiveness is a requirement demanded from any reader who may well know me any better than I know myself anymore. Bored yet? Read on, I’m working on it.
Once Fillip and I got away from here we coffee clutched with another neighborhood family. Myself either missing or messing up my own breakfast opportunity our hosts household were serving silver dollar pancakes. Was a nicely different treat. I’m glad I hadn’t missed it. A couple cups coffee later Fillip and I were on our way. By a drugstore, the cat medicine we sought was unattainable, but we did buy milk. Next we stopped by the Crossroad’s the supermarket where my blood relative son demanded we procure cat food along with the animal wormer I was deciding on.
While we were out, Fillip ‘s carrying his paperwork we more’r’less slid into Mt Morris’s Secretary of State office to renew his teamsters driver’s license. Oh lawdy what an office full of standing room only and not much of that. Seeing that crowd and imagining sun down consuming us before Sneak would get to a friendly window, I retreated back to dumpy and retrieved a pink return slip…. ‘Twas a smooth move as he was called up within seconds. I felt so bad doing, proclaiming this act as one of self preservation we were up and out in minutes instead of hours.
On the road headed for home we encountered this ugly sight.
Poor driver’s car did a hundred and 180* turn then backing into this out of the way parking space the driver trying to avoid a deer determined to cross the road. Not so sure Dumpy could pull him back up onto the road we stood around offering our assistance as a last ditch compromise.
By’n’by a gentleman come along with a super heavy duty 4x4 with a mounted snow plow. His weight distribution better than Dumpy’s we supplied the snatch strap and a clevis to the need. That 4x4 did the job. Along with the driver’s health still in tact his car righted on the road the car hadn’t appeared to have suffered any ill effects itself. All was well what ended well.
Home again for a belated lunch, afterward, Fillip took on feeding the animals, some volunteered house work, and sleuthing about for my two lost barnyard tuxedo’s. Me, I did the only real reasonable thing to do, I ducked out, on down the road, in the shop’s direction.
Feeling good in the most recent 20 or so hours headaches pain free I wasn’t looking for any wrenching nor over sized tractor parts tussling. I merely settled into Bro’s garage calmly, quietly, seated myself with a knife in hand ‘n’wrapped baked goods for animal feeding.
On Bro’s return I assisted in his animal feeding. Then we turned to more baked goods unwrapping until we simultaneously ran out of empty tubs and my safe driving it home daylight.
On my return home I found Sneak had found my missing tuxes. The housework while having not suffered nor backslid any iota amount with no really eye opening improvement. I was assured the housework would still be with us the day next. (sigh) They’re days a body can’t win them all. (laughter here) But my headaches appear to have left me feeling much better.

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