Saturday, December 17, 2011

12-16-2011 A 5 AM memory’r’2

It’s 5:00 AM. I’ve made me-self a big cup of steaming tea sugared and a peppermint candy cane standing in it making a a different remember taste for this holiday’s treat memory.
In my mind I remember back that December when I taken my girl for a bride brand new. Our love haven grown over the last six months and a week I cherished her spit, sparkle, and shine. I took her shopping for all she needed. She was more fun than a brand new car. Her presents buried yet deeper into my own soul commenting whether she liked this or that all the bits of clothing I held up to her, had her try on for approval. My car never voiced oneway or another its pleasure/displeasure. My bride however so anxious to please her groom still also brand new liked everything the groom showed her had her try on and out of all these fashion’s trials and errors she wore his selections with pride and daring. She was so incredibly beautiful in my eyes, heart, and all so easy to please.
….This morning’s holiday tea is so delightfully tasteee….
I don’t remember whether Kalamazoo’s biggest department store’s name were Bloomindale’s, Macy’s, Gimble’s, or something else just as impressionable luxurious sounding. It was one of the first places I took my bride shopping. Under the Christmas seasons lights my pretty bride sparkled and twinkled swelling my heart to bursting proportions. I was so incredibly happy she had accepted me to share her life with. I wanted not but to lavish upon her all I could the best afford. We didn’t just walk through the fancily dressed store’s trimmings, It was more liking we danced, pranced, moved with merriment in our feet. I could scarcely feel the earth beneath me in her presents she had lightened my heart and soul. We bought little that day for my pocket was financially thin or better said flat. But we got to see and be seen. I wanted to share my heart’s feelings with the world. We did purchase three giant sized ornaments the biggest we had ever seen in both our lives combined. We‘d hang on our next years very own first Holiday tree. These bubbles were in part the beginning our Holiday traditions.
When we walked the streets our town by the Lake It was difficult my breaking old habits particularly when I was walking somewhere. My tall 6’5” height my 34” waist frame when I walked a straight line my long legs my bride’s limbs moving so quickly as to keep up with my sauntered steps her limbs movements looked liken a picket fence.
A couple second looks back doing things together shopping the Christmas season, attending a couple parties, coming home to snuggle by a warm fire life couldn’t have been better. Love’s commitment still brand new evenings exploring under a sofa blanket the evenings were to soon gone. New warmth in feelings accepting another soul side by side we were one building on those matters we had only dreamed of such a short few months a-fore. The twelve days of Christmas are the romantics’ best. December has been our loving-est cozy month of renewal all our married lives.
As for my day, this is the next day. Damned if I remember what I did for my daily bread.?

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Paula said...

You're such a romantic Fernan. Hope you and Frieda have a nice Christmas.