Friday, December 23, 2011

some bits

On reaching the shop yesterday Bro’ announced he’d caught Grace (pet cow) playing with matches, herself setting a-flame a burn-pile by his hay-yard’s entrance. I don’t know? Seems we must keep an ever closer eye upon our ladies!
In all reality I have sneaking suspicion the fire was an accident. Burning permits are costing $’s and the purposes are totally ridiculous. A burn may only be 8’x8’x8’ in size. Their flames must be put out a dusk with water. If you should want to roast hotdogs and marshmallows this requires another permit. As miserably rotten day such as it was, people clustered about their warming fires in their homes or at work, in so to speak unaware what might be transpiring outdoors ideally missed any goings on’s in the neighborhood. It seems maybe a careless passerby may have started this day’s brush fire. Oh well such is life, accidents happen.
Yesterday I prepared and delivered out of our larder two boxes groceries for another neighbor.
Personally, up and at’em first thing this morning I managed to have brought up to date all my household’s script we’ll need not to run out this next week. Seems with shortened medical attention hours around the neighborhoods, one had better not become ill….!
Speaking of Ill my waking up to the misery’s, I’ve been experiencing these last ten days to two weeks, this morning. Thumping Fillip into motion I had him drive me to the local chiropractor only to find he’d started his Xmas vacation a day early, as I’d found out three more calls later.
Finally finding one DC willing to return to his office, we enjoyed a quick sandwich, before our taking off for the town of Millington.
Doc Eric working his hands on magic, I come out of his office walking straighter/taller. So were the words of Fillip, and Frieda my returning home. And, pleasantly enough since leaving the good doc’s office I haven’t had a spell since. However I must sit up tight again an ice back off’n’on for at least the next couple days. Whew! Hopefully my wife's problem has been fixed, me!
Opp’s just took another hit????? HumBug!
On ice……

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