Thursday, December 1, 2011

A change’d be nice

Dear Loop:
I was so proud Dumpy truck’s behavior all day yesterday up'n'down our road rat up till the last pass coming in my own drive. Thought I'd come in the lower drive, skirted the sand'n'gravel piles, made up the first grade, coming around the bend the front tires slide sideways. I lost control, Dumpy's front tires sliding sides ways in the snow livened mud underneath. I thought I'd have to abandon Dumpy until this morning to move it on crispier frozen driveway footing. Before I got to fur away, a good Samaritan in passing on the road out front stopped and with a friendly chain brought Dumpy up on higher ground out of the consuming slippery/slimy greasy mud beneath the soggy snow. Then, I wish I could identify the good Samaritan who’d put it to me this declaration, "You owe me!" Hmmm, meanwhile, mum's the word.
First thing out of shop area this AM's going, I got to find and equip Dumpy with a couple clevises plus a tow strap and chain.
Oh yeah, a special note for an afore mentioned neighbor I’ve an impotent message. You's and me got things to do. You getting yer snow blower out, my clearing my deck off.
I sure could use a couple changes in the weather. First warm enough to melt this 1st snow fall off and away. Secondly turn cold enough I may enjoy 20*f temperatures, then bring on the dry snow falls. The right temperatures and a truly cold snow’s drier consistency, will make for bringing home drier cut and ready to stack instantly burnable firewood.
I plans involving shop time, Fillip brought up again his need or his DOT physical approval papers (card). Okay, while we had clear dry roads and no employment calls I was on the internet searching for a physician doing such DOT services. A couple phone numbers and addresses for price and location comparisons, we were off. I, with my superior knowledge of the Flint area on a whole, I immediately got us lost. Trying to find directions face to face with people they were as ignorant as I had just practiced to get us where we where. Ah, but for my superior brain I celled one of the cheaper priced number’s and wallah was talked right in where we were supposed be. I’m not mentioning my embarrassment having driven by the establishment in the first passing. On arrival Fillip getting his part of the trip taken care of I delved into my truck-cabined filing attaché case and sorted out a pile of weight slips having needed sorting for some time. Another job done.
Fillip making a request his wanting go to the St Vincent De Paul store, as long as we were this deep into Flint I tuned left the next light, two’r’three miles we were there. Inside Fillip found three good pair jeans around his size. I found even more had he wanted to either gain or lose weight as needed to wear them.
Not to be out done, thinking of his mother I found her three books I thought she’d enjoy. I found me one them one cup insulated travel cups at a take me home price as well as one them “Brita” water purifying pitchers for a whole buck take me home too price. All the damage we could do to a 14dollar bill we were on our way SW this next leg our travels going to BestBuy my seeking some help with my last purchase. Nuts! Seems it was suggested I need to haul my ‘puter into the Geek Squad for an in-depth fix. I’ll see? Looks like I need to confer with my cyber neighbor’s for on line solutions to one my ‘puter problems first?
One more stop on our way home going by Thrifty Acres I stopped us in for some “Brita” filters to go along with the new found pitcher. Wallah, they had them for about $5.00@ three to a box. On the shelf the store’s offering for the same pitcher was running at $30.00@ on up. I guess I had indeed found us a bargain. Between getting home and doing my chores before dark I had beat sundown by only a half hour. Only a half hour daylight left it weren’t even enough time to turn it around let alone accomplish anything else today. I happily called it a day well spent.
And one last note, my half peeled banana still hasn’t been found as yet. Somebody’s suggested I may have lost it in my chair. My answer to that is I’ve had squishy experiences in my shorts before this; and, I hain’t experienced anything near as squishy upon my short’s outside (as I have had in them) sitting upon such a commoditized chair these last couple days.

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