Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No disappointments

Even before I awoke I did not hear any winds howling through the attic or whistling under the eves. I knew before I looked outside it’d be pretty and a shame to spoil it with this man’s foot prints making muddy black pot holes contaminating the scene.
But sadly looking forward there’ll be the dark side, I’ll leave behind, trudging through this first snow footprints reminding me of the mud underneath. Sadly this first snow wont last. It’s beauty will wane in the next dew days and this first given teaser of what’s to come it’ll be gone.
Now for the facts of life I woke at 3:00 AM. Made a water haul and looked for a snack to appease my stomach for a satisfied feeling for a return to bed and continued snooze. Unable to find a thing to eat we’d brought home from the market I settled for a banana. With banana peeled half way back a bite taken I looked out the door. Saw all that lovely snow whilst taking another bite and got the bright idea to take a picture even if it were a night time partial affair. Then I down loaded the photo to ‘puter and the start of another journal entry. Then I took to even put in a KP stint doing a couple sink fulls of dishes. Another hour gone by my rattler time had come around again. Those sorted and taken the rest of the household had started to stir. Coffee made, tired of looking for the goodies again I realized I hadn’t finished my banana. I took to looking or it never finding it. When the rest of this households souls were up and around I asked if anyone had seen where I had laid my banana. I got laughs. I get no respect! Fillip up I confronted him with my need of some solid nourishment. Where’d he hide everything? He gave in and had soon dug everything out. And nobody else had still seen my banana.
Light enough to see the landscape beyond the deck’s gates the Sun as coming up and the snow had painted a spectacular picture the changing wind direction placing snow dressing up’n’down the trees east’n’west’n’north sides the trees. Limbs sagged heavily under the frozen loads laden upon them. Some of these heavy weights had even brought down a number of trees. The morning’s Sun made a Gillian numbers of sparkles twinkle under the rising Sun’s influence. It has been a wondrous day to take in and enjoy the beauty of our season’s first snow fall.
Three to four inches wet stick fallen snow it was make scrap time the deck’n’ramp. Then for an extra laugh I wrote a note sticking within the shovel hand placing it where our meals on wheels deliverer would find and read it, I wrote, “Willy, will you mind shoveling our snow!”
Shop time found us picking up, cleaning up, putting away tools. The expired transmission and transfer case were loaded on a pallet and parked upon Ol’Blue's cargo deck. Sawdust on covering the shop floor use to pick up spills was swept up and deposited in the trash.
Breaking for lunch, no one had yet found my half eaten banana. What I did get was more irreverent laughter! (cretins‘) to go with my lunch….
Time rolled around, fed ladies, gassed 4020JD with three 5gal cans gas. Then for more shop amusement I filled old juice bottles with used motor oils. Filled a lot of them. Still have more to go tomorrow until I’ve run out of bottles.
To go along with the afternoon’s fun I was ambushed again as usual. I put Fillip off onto the task his needed assistance with Bro’s chores. After that the trash was eventfully packaged and put out for roadside pickup. An hour from quitting time It was cold footed time to give it up. A body can only take so much. Besides tomorrow is another day. Meanwhile I’m more than pleased with today’s efforts We had accomplished all that I had wanted to make it a completely satisfying day. And, still no-one has found my banana….

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Paula said...

I'll bet you ate that banana and forgot about it. If it would be John or me that would be the case. The snow looks pretty.