Sunday, November 27, 2011

A gray Sunday

We all awoke to a heavily overcast sky what seemed liken it were darkening ever more as the day wore on. Rain was falling most noticeably off the eves out side our windows. We all took the morning easy brunching about an hour or less before the noon hour. Fed Fillip and put in shop time splitting the engine/transmission left hanging high’n’dry those few days ago. This was interesting fun. My first concern was cleaning the whole miserably dirty mechanic off.
The power-plant set down on Dumpy’s deck We moved dumpy out across the driveway the load deck higher in the front than back the back for drainage. The power washer brought out we took turns getting wetter as it had continued the rain while we blasted away the dirt, grease, and crud off the donor parts.
Back inside the shop we commenced unbolt the pieces to divide them. The engine stand brought out didn’t find use today as we could not remover the flex plate off the engine’s crankshaft. The next best thing, I hope I haven’t screwed it up, I heated three stubborn crankshaft bolts. The last act of the afternoon in hopes by the time they’ve cooled tomorrow they’ll have cooley shrunk some making them easier to turn out. Nothing more we could do on the engine I called it a day. So we let the engine down off the truck’s deck onto a barrel still hooked to the steadying chain-fall overhead. The transmission much lighter Fillip and I muscled that part down onto another barrel. I can’t stress enough how handy a half dozen steel barrels kept around the shop make such handily instant work benches: today two for the divided power-plant components and one a tool stand.
Supper was Fillip’s home-made Yankee chili made with beans. Yum! Sure tasted good for a typically low pressured weathering bone-paining’n’head-aching day.
As of this writing desert neither decided nor additionally even thought about it isn’t looken good. Do a couple bit sized mounds nuggets count for anything?


Paula said...

Mounds have chocolate in them, don't they? That counts for a lot.

Fernan said...

Been rumored:
Dark chocolate, which is supposedly good for us?