Monday, November 14, 2011


Read the obits and found neither one our names listed there. Frieda and I both slept well. Fillip’s been called to drive a farm semi. I managed without Stats (cat) help his possibly pouncing into my moment’s of sorting meds before I had gotten those same rattlers taken. Wonderful it was later to have found out he’d snuck out into the woodshed when somebody was adding fuel to the woodstove and had gotten locked out there.
I think this cat is making me paranoid. I’m always watching out for another one of his bounding upon me lap attacks. (sigh)
With Fillip gone possibly for the next twelve hours it’ll be interesting what I’ll get done by myself. May be a good day to rebuild a length of fence down the road at the hollow place.
I can’t say it wasn’t an otherwise bad or good day. Kind-a ho-hum, say? Right turn out drive I tried getting something done on Ol’Blue which for all impractical purposes didn’t work all that well for a morning’s start.
Okay, I’ve said it before I’d had that continued feeling Bro’ slipping this time I called on him to open his door and let me in. We had to talk, rather urgently upon my part for I had forgotten to pass along a message from Mr. Rogers in our neighborhood of the elevator. We had to immediately and if not sooner get our order in for next season’s sudex seed. Seems the drought conditions in Texas this last Summer were severer than ever and seed is going to be in short supply. Its going to be first come first served the earliest arrangement. That taken care of I exited for transferring my carcass to shop and the underside of Ol’Blue to see good old Tom had started doing it to again taking out the wrong drive line bolts, the ones what would have opened the transfer case. Getting this short sighted problem taken care of and managing to remove one more the correct bolts I was soon dogged for assisting feeding his animals: A couple surplus commodity boxes a couple hay bales, not necessarily in a more planned effort involving switching a couple material handling buckets back and forth with the involvement of loader forks.
Anyway by the time these mater had been taken care of plus my dumpy tuck loaded down with another pallet load produce lunch time was upon us. I went home.
Setting in, setting down, to my lunch here come Shane to help me coax and or catch this bovine mob for sorting two out going to Dis-knee World tomorrow. Shane gone but a moment trading his truck for a 4-wheeler, then we moved some the trucked produce out and around barn into the barnyard coral. This went much easier than I had expected. Maybe a ¼hr we had the two special ladies separated from the rest. The rest turned back out to pasture the two kept sequestered I watered, and saw to their feeding those in the coral plus all those gone back to pasture.
Getting back to my lunch while it had cooled some, yet warm to the touch a minutes nuken and I was chowing down. An hour’s lunch break feeling strong again, right turn I was back to the shop. Trying to remove last two bolts between transfer case and transmission was a no go pain in my lain on floor neck. Trying all the wrenches possessed form three tool boxes none could hold those last two bolt heads without slipping, either ASE or Metric. Oh, I could fit a socket on them without room for a handle. Alright I had the size, needing an end wrench like configured to loosen those last bolts. I’d have to make some inquiring phone calls, which didn‘t work out. No local wrenches available. Not to be without some thing to do I joined Bro’ unwrapping baked goods. An hour’n’half later one them pallet-ed 4’x4’x4’ boxes was emptied; and, I was ready to go home.
Home while the ‘puter warmed up I reset the fire in the woodstove. The house warming up as needed I set to taking my rattlers and searching net for wrenches. I tried searching Auto Zone…they were absolutely useless. Next I went to Advance Auto, their catalogue offerings were much better though short sighted. Not giving up unable to do anything (get anywhere) with either stuck up Snap-On or Mac tools I went internet to Sears on line tools. Found what I wanted. Called the local Sears store 35 miles away across town Flint, they’ve got it. I’ll have my reasonably priced wrench tomorrow. And without kissing anybodies arse!!!!!
Duffus cat: Sleeping in the woodstove’s kindling box.
Stats, is son Fillip’s cat. He’s supposed to be a good mousier. Brought home a mouse who’d gotten itself caught in a bucket. Showed it to Stats and he’d have nothen to do with it. Okay, so I showed it to my Sweetheart cat and she’d let me down also.
Got this food article this time in the surplus commodity load.
I have no idea what this vegetable(?) is called? By the unmarked printed packaging it was raised in Michigan.

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