Saturday, November 26, 2011

A bit of this’d’that

I woke up to a warm home this AM. Frieda and I slept well. In-spite of the fact I was up early. I followed Fillip to his work see the varied ways those semi’s he dries, their hoods hinged forward for engine servicing. While not one of them inspired me as to the way I’d lean for hinging my fiberglass clip on Dumpy. Seeing them was no waste of time I assure my reader.
So from here on out in no particular order these were some of my day’s highlights. I saw Butch (a body frame specialist) for some thoughts on hinging the clip. After explaining an idea he showed me how to improve on it. Later seeing Mick the race car builder body specialist (in his field). He also showed me another improvement over an idea I had for the clip’s rear of the fenders open’n’closing modification.
The ladies out here breaking up another hay ring I was obliged to load and haul it to the shop for another rebuild. Luckily a spare standing by I put it out for my ladies dining use, then fed them. Bro’s Turkeyday drive into Detroit his college buddy loaded Bro’s pickup up with all kinds of goodies: almost all the metal to assemble a yard barn or shed, a well water storage tank, and a well pump with a new motor on it.
Again I had to hold Tom off his volunteering to take my donor engine and transmission apart. Personally I’d rather like to power wash it before dis-assembly. Then put the engine on an engine stand for more Greeny truck development work later during the snow covered winter months.
Lunch was supposedly a short easily fixed quick samitch stop over what was only going to last a half hour within itself; only, what followed anther oop-ed half hour nap. Finally getting all this good stuff out of my way Frieda helped my into my new chaps and I went wood cutting. Proud of my efforts I think I had gotten a lot done. My next trip to the hollow will be handled with the wood splitter. Oh yeah, my getting back home and in for the evening Frieda helped me back out of the chaps. She’d commented something about how she’d enjoyed taking my cloths off some years ago. Hmmm, That was then, this is now this scenario ain’t the way it was back when.
The chainsaw giving some trouble, sharpening it twice was of little help. Taking a calculated chance I turned the bar over and the saw behaved much nicer. It could be, there’ll be a new saw-bar in my near future. Remarkably the saw is still using the original saw-chain. The Dumpy clip is almost sitting up again the house so’s the wind wont blow it golly-wampus away or otherwise lost to a wild element’s weathered over us fling. Yesterday’s firewood harvest is stacked upon a pallet just off to one side the deck. While it appears dry it is just barely green enough to slowly burn over night. My thought is or for two pieces a long cold winter night, this firewood may just be a welcomed warmth to keep our home cozy all night.
While I was making like I looked like I knew what I was doing (sawing) I was mentally inventorying all my projects. Sheesh! I’ve sure got a lot of them: Find some ‘79’ or ‘80 Chevy doors for the innards my new doors, the relevant thought is to clean new doors inside’n’out and give two coats paint, complete door and window hardware and interior’s finish, making them instantly mountable the day come I may replace either one or both; Good Golly Molly, I want to get back onto my quadra-cycle project, it’s practically only a manner of assembling it now…er…with merely a couple to do modified parts; of-course the engine put on the stand will need Greeny’s kaput engine standing along side for swapping out the sophisticated Vortex engine parts; and, I mustn’t forget the two tractor mounted bicycle racks for next Summer’s haying season. S’posed to rain tonight and tomorrow. Last night we listened to thunder boomers all evening long and never saw a rain drop.
So, this has been my day.


Paula said...

Its amazing how much damage those cow girls can do to hay rings.

Fernan said...

Well said Paula!