Friday, November 25, 2011

MY black Friday

A-waken from a good night's sleep for a must-do water haul do, I’ve discovered somebody had changed the TV channel, I felt the woodstove’s cold and knew no-bodied put wood on the fire, and Fillip’s gone. Checking the stove further it was an opportune time to clean out the ashes. So, without a red hat, still continued looking a-bit like Poppa Smurf, taken a look both-ways out the door seeing no traffic, which wouldn’t have made any difference, I darted down the deck’s steps, across some crisp grass, and retrieved an empty steel bucket with an equally steel lid from under the ramp. Then when readied I had a new fire laid upon some saved potential coals. I headed for the coffee pot remembering there was some leftover and put it in the instant nuker. About to run me some rattler water the phone rang. My wake up call had come just about two‘n‘a-quarter hours late. Still I answered, grabbing my broom when conveniently passing it. So, while I talked with the Lady on the other end of the wire I swept the floor what I hadn’t gotten to yesterday.
The Sun’s shinning. It’s 43*. And I’m driving no further than a ¼ mile down the road for another firewood load opportunity. I don’t want to see any traffics other than what I may encounter in a couple farmyards. Frieda’s complaining continued shortness of breath. I feel well rested and ambitious as Hell my (dreaming) knowen I’ll get a lot done today. Well, I can dream can’t I?!
End morning’s writing…….
…….beginning evening’s writing:
Oh crap! Seems I’ve inadvertently lied my day’s plans before I had even gotten them started. Alright let us skip right on along to just before noon, Fillip busy hauling combined corn into the farm silos to be dried and stored in giant steel storage bins spotted some interesting Chevy truck body parts and cell phone called me. He told me what they were along with there location. I thanked him and told him I was off and running. Oh lawd, what a fined! Fillip’s find was a brand new old stock fiberglass front fenders-hood assembly. Holy-Leo-Jay-Horse-A-Fat! No funds in my pocket, I’m not sure whether I had flown low over to the Crossroads bank before or after lunch. Which ever way if was I was back on the product scene, backed up to the whole one-pieced thing and loaded it by myself. Then just as I was walking around the house to put the asking price into an envelope wit a note and drop it all through a mail slot. Almost there the estate’s boss lady was coming around the house to meet me. The good’s paid for, some friendly conversation, I’m gonna promise myself we should all get together over coffee for some far stretched tall tale swapping. (grin) Looking it up the net the price paid was one tenth the product’s retailed selling price.
One adventure down a second one to go:
The Chevy clip loaded on Dumpy’s back where I’ll leave it for a day or two until I’ve had some mounting short-cut advice I took it home. Going to see Butch for one kibitzer, and Mick for a second. Fillip’s invited me along with him come morning to witness some the tilt clips on the semi-tractors he’s driving.
Meanwhile, backed down to the barn Cushman out, more door opened I hitched the splitter to dumpy, loaded my forestry tools and was off down that ¼ mile to cut’n’split firewood. I didn’t get a lot done today, but I’m happy with it. Enjoyed the whole day Worst part was getting home putting tools away at dark:30. Darkening quickly at 5:00, pitch dark at 5:30 PM. I was not only home, I was in! Fillip coming in an hour later served up supper and has invited me to go along come morning to see the varied whole engine cover clips are hinged forward out over their bumpers.
I’m as happy as a seven year old boy who’s just unwrapped a brand new Christmas gift wrapped Lionel train.

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Paula said...

Seems like its working out well with your son there with you and Frieda.