Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cats & Cats

Last night, long after dark, coming in he’d told me about seeing a couple cats: one a lynx the other a mountain lion. He saw both of them some nine to ten mile ENE of us. He’d also told me about some black bears about only about seven miles SE of us their hanging out near one them land fill dump sites.
A badger was trapped north of us in Tuscola county. That animal was skinned out just four miles ENE from here.
Fillip and I seeing deer out here in the morning sunrise or evening’s twilight almost every morning and/or evening. Terry has counted twenty-three coyotes within a square mile around our two homes. Seems we’ve a fair number of turkeys around the neighborhood. Except for their nesting these birds roost in the trees far and above out of harms way during the nights. Pheasants are practically extinct and rabbit populations have been drastically reduced. Scarcely see a fox anymore. Of-course I had done my best to eliminate some seventy raccoons over a two year period ending a couple years back. Wildlife populations have surely taken some turns by the numbers counted around here.
Speaking of wildlife numbers. While I was one the job this AM fixing to start a barn cleaning, Shane knocked off one five point buck early this morning.
An 1850 Ollie started easy enough. A Case 1816 was a little more difficult Carb float was stuck. Taking carb bowl off found it full of condensation. I don’t know how a bowl full of water could effect a float and needle vale but it did. That’ll remain one them mysteries I shan't worry about. However, had Noah only swatted those two mosquitoes….
I think we moved about 40 tons manure out to the compost site. Likely hauled in at least a tone of wood chips for lower layer bedding. On top this a nice cushy covering of shredded paper.
It was within the twilight of the evening when I had finished my day, tiredly abled enough to enter my home for a moment or two’s drowning my rattlers before I motored off to the market. (nuts) Had I made a shopping list for last night’s foray I’d not had to go to store again this evening. Oh well, I’m glad the Crossroads’ not more than four mile away. My coming out of the market it had started to rain. The same rain all of us a-massed handicappers felt coming onto us all day long.
Now perhaps I may get into splitting me-self at least one rick sized (1/3 full cord) load of wood for this house? Heaven knows this dwelling needs it!
Now, as usual, I’ve nothing profound to say, I’ll put this journal contribution to bed.

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Paula said...

You have lots of wild animals near you. I love to see them but so many have disappeared from the ranch.