Wednesday, November 23, 2011

slow start

Frieda hadn’t slept since about 1:00 AM, me on the other hand waking three’r’four times as the most usual I did manage to keep the fire up without totally waking up. I had a good night’s sleep.
For today’s excitement I motored right turned out the drive for the downed wood in the hollar. There I split what chunks had been last Spring’s cut, loaded it and come home for lunch. A couple quick samwitches I was off’s’running over to the Crossroads for some what I’ll call preventive Holiday shopping. Good thing too.….
Well first off Frieda wanted a new foul roasting rake for the roasting pan. Unable to find one on my own I asked one of the supermarket’s managers and he knew better where to look for one than I. I was a potentially happier turkey chef leaving the market. Next on my short list was finding some of them snuggle’s thingies advertised on TV. I know I need something new, my present night shirt frailly rotting away as I wear it. The way the sides keep ripping higher and higher the garment showing more and more limb. Now, understand me, I’m no slave to fashion dictaites but that old garment is getting a little to drafty for the long cold Winter nights we’re headed into. Luckily even, I found only two big enough at the drug store, maybe? Stopped by the dollar store for nothen! Then what the heck, hitting the road out South of the Crossroads for the General Dollar store a couple miles south, there I found one more Snuggie big enough to fit one of us, our big cans. Oh these things I’m calling Snuggies they’s are more like a heavy fleece pajama including, of all old conveniences, a built in trap door. No what I’d call substantial booties on these legged bag like garments, maybe Santa will bring us all some heavy duty hunting socks along with our lumps of coal. The way I look at it coal would be nice, it’d help keep the home fire burning.
Back home I had plenty to do, first off figure out a way to put the splitter back inside the barn. Oh boy, the quarter inch of rain we had here turned the outer barnyard into a sea of mud. I knew I’d never back that splitter back into the barn as easily as I had towed it away with Dumpy. It was going to be “Oh my aching back” a pushing and pulling on the big-a barn door a couple of twice’s. Also knowing that splitter’d be below eye level Dumpy’s truck bed, the Cushman was called to duty, and dutifully it did what was asked of it. The splitter’s put away as is the Cushman. The Dumpy truck’s backed up to the deck most of its scant load carried into the house, some in the acting woodshed and some damp woods stacked along side woodstove for drying. Some cardboards what had been in the way down in the barn now rest in woodshed until I’ve cut’em up for more easy speedy fire rebuilding kindling.
Finely taking my rattlers with the last of the twilight sinking away in the west, I’m to breathless, to tired, to make supper, Frieda’s heated a can of Progresso soup for herself. I’ll warm up some canned tamales for myself.
Fillip’s not home is still involved in harvesting corn. All in all, in spite of our aging frailties, life is good.
Opps: One more thing. Frieda’s already tried her “forever lazy” snuggie on and looking like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day over head flying parade entry. (grin) No strings attached.
Oh yeah, still one more thing, everybody have a safe and sane holiday feast in a loving atmosphere.

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Paula said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.