Saturday, November 5, 2011

Out of a mistake….

….came an interesting discovery. More below….
Waking the Cushman up, this morning, I unloaded it, putting the varied contents in varied containers for deliveries here’n’there. Haulster readied, taken down the road to the hollow, I brought home a Cushman load of damp box-elder this last Spring’s cut firewood. That made for a half a foyer (woodshed) filling. Then broke for lunch.
….via happen chance discovery:
Having eaten only half my carry out fish dinner evening last, for lunch, I warmed up the remainder forgetting to remove the dinner’s included coleslaw. The Styrofoam box when I opened it for the second time the fish and chips were nicely warmed. As for the slaw and tartar sauce their plastic lids were also nicely melted over the edges of there Styrofoam containers. Okay the fish warm it knew little difference whether the sauce was warm or cold. The coleslaw on the other hand heated was a whole new taste different upon my pallet. I enjoyed it, suggesting to Frieda we’ve got to do this on-porpoise* again someday.
*Intentional pun!
Having some heavy trees given me down around the corner I decided to have a word with one my neighbors about joining forces for a fall wood cutting bee. Yeah, well, it was a good idea as long as it lasted my drive over there. He’d just hauled in half his Winter’s needed firewood intending to bring the other half home tomorrow. I guess I’m on my own for my own wood cutting needs. This could well mean I’ll be doing my cutting in the snow. That’s alright, I hate getting over heated anyway.
Afternoon rattler time also break time. A few moments sitting it out time, I still had more to do. Put Cushman away, check ladies hay, find tarp for firewood deck stacked, and looking like an early sunny Saturday evening. Sneak’s even called, expecting an early evening quitting time. Three thousand acres beans have been harvested. Combine change over’s it be back to harvesting corn come next Tuesday, provided it don’t rain.

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