Monday, November 21, 2011

What the?

I seem to have lost a day.. A-woke this morning with a rather loud buzzing cornering my brain between my ears. Once outside I found I had dressed wrong, but then who knows how to dress this time of year? Frost on everything skim ice on all the water puddles. By 10:00 AM my tuxedo was to much and without it to little. Tomorrow I’ve got to remember to carry along an extra heavy quilted shirt for the warmer breezes fall days as long as they last.
Right turn out the drive with chainsaw plus I drove into the place in the hollow. Sure as it be enough to do there’s plenty of wood down there. Dumpy parked I commenced to work on the last windfall. My intention is to cut and dump that green tree as far back from my door as I may comfortably dump it to dry. That first load should make for some fine burning at most a whole year from now.
A fair bit of cutting done upon my part, the saw out of gas, I took the time to start picking up my mess. Firewood on dumpy limbs and twigs into a brush pile. Wasn’t long and here come my principles pains in the butt. They decide to take over the saw. Both of them to leave the old-man to pickup and tote away the furl-wood and trash wood. First crack, “Your saw is dull.” Dull Hell, I lay it running on any log and to was cutting this tree as if it were made of butter. The second PIA took over the chainsaw and do to his vast experience he showed me a new method. Saw in position, trigger squeezed, He commenced to push and pull the saw to’n’fro as if it were a bucksaw. It just seems with these a-hole around I can’t do nothing right and they want me to give them my saw?
All the small stuff loaded on Dumpy I cut out for home only minute before the noon dinner hour. Home I used JD to carry back down the road to feed the yearling heifers wintering in the Hollow place. Had my lunch, then went down to the barn and moved and threw stuff into trash bags. This I did to find my way back to the log-splitter. It took me most the afternoon clearing a path, but I managed to move it to more handily sit by the door. Oddly enough in moving the splitter I even managed to make more room than I realized I had earlier wasted storing this mess. Before I can put it all back correct I need a hand moving a least one heavier piece.
(with finding all the extra space I’ve found where the splitter used to be, we’ve got a whole lot of new space to stack and forget Fillip’s stuff, he had brought with him. And boy, would I like to forget Fillip’s (aka. Sneak‘s) stuff. (big grin)
Well-p, While I had thought I was going to cut more wood tomorrow Farm-Boss wants my seated position in the 1618 Case to clean the barn stalls out. Tomorrow is already beginning to looken like it’s go-n-a be a crappy one. (grin)

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