Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another day…….
….of continued rain to dampen our souls….er….soles. On rising looking out the doors the stuff was steadily coming down, a soak-er if there ever was one. A soak-er Weatherman’s suggesting it’s a light one. He isn’t looking at it from the same angle I am. So, looks like anther good day to hole up in the shop. Been informed Tom had welded some nuts to the damaged crank bolts, removed the flex plate (some still call it a flywheel), and mounted the engine upon an engine stand, the 1st one I had already gotten out. I’d like to package the remaining heavy parts on a pallet and find a place to out of the way park it.
Of little interest to anyone else, I’m supposing, I awoke at one of my usual times. On a day the likes of his wet one the timings okay. Thankfully I needn’t have to be on time for an off the farm job. (smiles) ‘Sides I’ve plenty to entertain me today as in any other day I wake up to. I must have a satisfying one yesterday. In a quarter hour before the cloud cover Sun had gone down, an earlier than been usual supper eaten, an early snoozer, even earlier to bed, I had forgotten to get the trash out. Likely just as well. Our packaged trash could very well fall apart today in the paper sacks I normally use. They’d be plentily twine tied packaged for this morning‘s land fill contribution.
About 1st accomplishment for today I’ve set in motion the WiFi’s instrument all tidily hooked up and hopefully working. A mc-button pushed there’s least there’s a light on. Only one more step to go. That’s reading the operation’s disc. DamnedifIknow where it’s at, particularly after Sneak had spirited it away?
Dreaming just before waking up I was visualizing Frieda away back when we were visiting Mom’s house one earlier Easter. I could visibly see her sitting in one of Mom’s chairs quietly napping in my mind‘s eye. She was wearing one of my bulkier plaid wool work shirts.
She was so pretty, totally unaware, my enjoying the vision of her quiet beauty carrying our first child. I don’t know what it was? It seemed to me there was an aura of satisfaction about her while at the same time. My Mom’s advice those moments, “Leave her alone. She needs her rest.” as if I were, a wanton-lover, a slave-driver, wanting to see her busily doing something too. (me?)
Today’s single accomplishment:
Fillip and I managed to repair all off Dumpy’s lights. The head lights a radio light the only working filaments yesterday. Finding a combination short and open circuit in one tail light I declared in an assertive voice we’re replacing these poorly working tail lights with new ones. Hardest part was getting the old ones off.
Having to go to town, not to sure the lights, our plan was to be home before dark. Surprise, on the way towards town the lights all seemed to come alive on their own. Knowing we had turn signal and hazard lights again to town by time we got to town we had tail lights. Leaving for home after the last stop we had dash lights and the heater blower was working. I’ll take these small accomplishments without question.
Backing the truck up I had two disapointments today. First one was an accidental discovery the Ol’Blue’s transmission case was cracked near ¾’s the way around the bell housing. (Big time NUTS!) It was a good thing we had power washed it yesterday, or I’d never seen that crack. While in town conferring with one of our parts suppliers I was informed the internal parts this newer 700R transmission weren’t fit-able in the older 350 GM automatic. (feeling low major disappointment) However, finding right supplier the right 350 GM automatic overhaul kit can be had for $89.00. I can cut that. Oh well, I might just as well take the 700R apart for the scrap to satisfy my own curiosity as to whether there are any salvageable useful parts for the old 350 GM trans.
The drive home I had to let Fillip drive us. Darkening much earlier than usual under heavily overcast skies my vision had drastically diminished. Pulling into the driveway we were just a moment ahead of a freezing sticking combo wet sleet’n’snow fall. The ramp was turning into a continuously slipperier toboggan slide as we carried in our Save-A-Lot groceries. Expecting to come into a warm house, disappointment took me over the winds howling about changing direction, the house was doing its up-most to shelter us, let alone broil us. This was what I got for wanting extra warmth after a cold day facing the elements.
An hour passing since I had taken my rattlers I felt cold. So cold I imagined my only option was to dress down to my usual comfort level. Taking care of the laundry first that is just what I did. Then snuggled in under my wrapped-around pulled in tight blanky while I listened to Fillip fix (he’d said it) a ten minute supper. I’m so hungry my jaws hurt. When I’m fed I see an early evening in my immediate future.

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