Thursday, November 24, 2011


I must admit I made a rather rash decision yesterday, particularly after following the budget like minded following of a very budget understanding do’s’n’don’ts of a retirement brought upon a lass in misery, her money matters better controlled than my own. Why, it was only a few days ago I had managed to bring my own budget problems under compete control. This latest crisis had come upon me out of the very blue my making three acquisitions yesterday for these three bodies languishing within these very four walls. I had compulsively purchased three “Forever Cuddlee“ snugfullest garments most recently spread before the weak minded shopper the like‘s of myself through an unashamed mind bending TV advertising campaign. What’s worse I’m very uncomfortably wearing one of the three outfits as I write these words to totally explain the issues of my unreasoned wayward expenditures. It was a good thing I did what I did for I had purchased the only last three garments in our sizes in our immediate area. Christmas shopping’s done early, Christmas gift giving is also all done and over with.
It’s 3:00 AM my uncomfortably wakened so warm I had kicked the very body heat saving blankets clear of my whole anatomy bed and sleeping space place. A call to nature had originally awakened me to attend to one of nature’s compulsive needs. I simply had to haul water if I hadn’t wanted a bed wetting accident I hadn’t experienced for shall I say for some roughly seventy-five years.
Now thrust upon me a totally new late night adventure not quite paralleling the outdoor adventuring a walk to an outhouse. My most recent habiting I’ve found the most satisfying in completing one of these walks I have found it rather prudent saving an all to eye widening flipping on a light I just let myself to comfortably sit down to make myself once again dryly relieved. This time wearing this strange garment. Why I call it strange? Well okay I’d explained it had an alternative escape hatch. Now this one has been rimmed wit a more modern, supposedly more fashionable zipper. There in laid a second principle problem I could not get it to work to my satisfaction, reducing me to an uncomfortable alternate method of relinquishing those waste commodities my body wanted to compulsively get rid of. I did however manage to take care of my needs by dropping the very top half of the whole garment below my waist down about my knees to relinquish said fluids and/or solids as the need have been. To this end, in another once upon a time jundra, I seriously have missed the once well thoughtfully used emergencies buttons. I can honestly declare the buttons replacements with a zipper has been seriously inadequately field tested, outhouse tested, unheated indoor facility untested, a very serious oversight. But be it as it may I shall again have to adjust to another modern man’s most recent re-development. Such is one of life’s rearrangement’s I’d guess has been thrust upon the unsuspecting modern man?
I have since returning to my late last nights bed and sleep it come to my mind an alternative method of preparedness, I could leave the cussed flap undone a waving in the breeze; BUT, for two very good reasons one of them id be damned drafty all the time and/or I’ll be damned if I’ll leave my bare derriere exposed due to an unsightly half-masted garment worn to’n’fro to conveniences.
May your feast day’s be more congenially enjoyed than only a bit of this one around here. No having a project or work load to have to be attended to our turkey day’s involved with house cleaning, the whole immediate yard about the house picked up read up. So’s many displaced things laying about wont be the tools of wind piled snow drifts. These things as well as there’s more wood upon dumpy to put away.
Looking outside seeing all the frost, my telling Frieda, it’d be this afternoon before the frozen dew on Dumpy’s back would be drier enough to bring into the house. I’d also told her that the wood I had split and loaded yesterday I left it on Dumpy when I went shopping so the moving breezes would also help dry that same out some more during my travels. Then the woman laughed at me! I get no respect!!!!
Catching some the Macy’s day parade Her Mostess had suggested all I needed was a red hay and scarf to look like the Muppets Cookie Monster.
Now for the truth:
The house is still a mess inside’n’out. What firewood on the Dumpy I’ve brought side. I sorted out of tub full those bottles and cans the recognized local stores will cash in. I’ve cut up several sheets cardboard for fire starts enhancers.
Had joined in the day’s cooking fun my preparing the veggies for the stovetop stuffing. Then after dinner I baked an apple-berry pie for a late afternoon desert. Frieda washed dishes, I washed dishes, and fillip washed dishes. Its my guess somebody will still be washing dishes tomorrow…..
Picking up some the kitchen I carried out some turkey bones for my Sweetheart cat. Goofy think circling, darting about my feet, getting passing’s kicks. She meowed’n’hollared anxiously for the turkey tidbits she was about to get. And, then to add even more misery to my tender ears she yowled some even more when after I had emptied my tin plate into her pie plate dish. Goofus cat. That’s the thanks I get giving her treats. Yeah, she finally got to them particularly after I had taken my foot off hers, the complainer. Sheeeesh!

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