Friday, November 11, 2011

lots goin’ on

Today’s Veterans Day. Thanks’ guys for my (our) freedoms.
The date 11-11-11 is supposedly magic to some weird folks. This is a head shaker if there ever was one?
Baby’s born “C” section all over the world so’s these babies are or have something special to talk about or distinguish them. Another head shaker. Can I suggest nutty moms?
Thinking somethin’ wrong with ‘puter I found it was the internet was slow. Had to give up research until later in the day. So glad I looked up the locations last night where I was going to today.
Here’s to hoping everybody’s had a good day.
It’s more than half past dark by the time I got in tonight. My motoring around about Flint in Dumpy truck went without incident. My first want was for a replacement sofa. The first stop no charm my next one was. Found us a much nicer my second stop for only double the money. I’m happy! Moving on to BestBuy I picked up Fillip his new lap top computer. That was easy. Walked in grabbed one, paid for it and was on my way. Third item shopped was a wood cutters safety chainsaw chaps. A nice mature type like lady helped me. Our thinking the only take it or leave it choice was o small I tried it on twice before it fit. She suggested, “Are you pulling in your stomach to get it on?” My response, “No Mame,” I answered, “Only because you’re here.” this response cracked the poor woman up appreciating my complement. Garment paid for my next stop was another eight miles closing my circle. Stopping into a battery shop and more, I was to be educated. Unable to buy a battery for Fillip I found I may have several battery packs around here rebuilt. May also find new battery charger for cordless power tools. Moving on I stopped by Home-Depot for a couple 1”x8”x12’ boards for a HM sofa combining/lift kit for my earlier sofa purchase. Getting back to home neighborhood I closed a gate at Bro’s place that had blown open. Surprisingly no steers either came or gone out? Then I was home 12:30 PM. Had lunch before hitting the road again.
Frieda and I on time for our command appearance in Doc’s office, he had his go a-rounds with both of us. Frieda’s BP’s the last couple days plus three pro’s taking it today was averaging 150/40 using three different interments and two or three cuffs. Doc even call Frieda’s cardiologist for an instant conference call concerning my lady.
Before we could leave Doc’s office had also lost all our State’s required Doctor filled out questionnaires. Must have taken us an hour to find them, to put them in the mail. Getting home it was well into dark. Wasn’t east seeing to hay the ladies. Something has definitely got to be done about some decent tractor head lights. This if I’m going to have to drive these machines in the dark.
While I never got o see Ol’Blue it was still a productive day. Plenty of Winter projects started. I should be busy all Winter.

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Paula said...

I think you're always busy Fernan.