Saturday, November 12, 2011

busted up day

My plan was to woik on donor Ol’Blue. It was a good idear while it lasted. Started out with good intentioned, I wound up checking fences. Took awhile to find the solid short that wind blown wildly swing gate’s damage it had caused. Then it was “It’ll only take a few moments your time to help me put out bales.” Ye, Another hour later and all I had managed to do was walk by my work piece. Getting on to 2:00 PM I was developing a deep hole of the hungry’s. I finally split swearing it’d be different when I got back.
Dropping off some plastic twine by Miss Kathy’s, she’s weaving plastic mates for Christmas gifts, I talked to her men. I hinted at I could use some help removing the engine-transmission out of Ol’Blue. Tom offered me Shane’s help after I’d had my dinner and they had sighted in their guns for another up-coming deer season.
Under the truck I was burning off exhaust system hangers when they arrived. Shane’s youthful fresh help we’d gotten the dis-assembly far enough along we should have the power plant wildly swinging in the air sometime tomorrow.
It was a bit later Bro’ having gone to town had brought home another load of left over commodities. Only one box baked goods I found bread fresh enough dated only yesterday. Five loaves I brought home to trade out the older contributions from last week. The older stuff the ladies will devour tomorrow along with a pallet full varied peppers Bro’ had loaded upon Dumpy. I’m going to save some. Oh yeah, I managed to save a box of varied squashes the likes I hadn’t brought home yet. We’s going to eat well this Winter. Rat now I’m heating me up some leftovers. Say-la-vie!

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