Thursday, November 17, 2011


It’s noon, time for lunch.
To catch up yesterday I started my morning out wrenching some primarily loosening the transmission pan bolts for a little draining. For my afternoon’s entertainment I made fix the place’s fence down in the hollow. Some that fence fixing was more liken removing and replacing. I enjoyed all these festivities feeling the Fall temperatures drop all day. The home fire’s was a welcome feeling when I did hit my door a coming in in at dark-thirty.
Was a busy first light. Stacking three crates salvaged surplus produce for Juan to take over to the local food pantry in my stead. At 8:00AM Fillip and I were turning right out the driveway for his EEG medical appointment. Thirty-some wires hooked to his head face and body somebody either asked him a slew of standard examination questions or react on command some actions while monitored as how either his head or brain functioned. When they was all through with and released him after a three quarter hour session nobody told me nor suggested there was anything in there. (grin)
On our way home, on Linden road again, Fillip requested I stop by Meijer’s Thrifty Acres for him a pair gloves and a pound lunch meat. A couple miles up that road bouncing along not unlike I had done day’4’yesterday I spied a ways off on the right side the road a shopping an abandoned cart. The device needing but a moment to register in my brain I finally come to, too do a “U”y turn in the very middle that road fitting tat turn between the burbs, we were on our way back. Turning around a second time in a strip-mall parking lot ready to ready to assume command that cart, I wondered where all the traffic had come from? Sheesh, Let me find something good to get on and they’s all manner of onlookers surrounding and/or quaking at me. So, where’d we wheel in another mile down the road Meijer’s the very name on the cart’s handle bar’s. Ho boy!
I didn’t care who it (the cart) had belonged to? It wasn’t easy but it was loaded mine we shopped!
Temps still falling we continued on with our immediate plan, we went shopping. Fillip found his gloves, we found his lunch meat, We also found some cookies and the delicatessen where we could buy brewed coffee. Finding a table and chairs it was break time, finished we went through check out paying for all our got’s plus a savagely attacked or only half full donut box.
On the road again nobody askin’ nor carin’ the dumpy truck’s exposed load goin’ un-noticed or cared about. We motored on home. Already I’ve found that shopping cart a useful asset hauling all our groceries up the ramp and wheeled into the house in one swell swoop. More later……
….later, much, much later.
Lunched, ready to go, first thing I did was take Fillip back to work, we need his earnings. (grin) As for me, I had to feed the ladies taking them out a hay bale. Thinking the hay would keep them busy, Dumpy loaded earlier with some sweet peppers, bread from my house, and the last of the bok choy, I delivered these few goods to the ladies in their pasture. Sheesh, what wild bunch they were running around in circles, jumping up’n’down as they ran along side Dumpy, as well as throwing their heads back‘n’forth as they moved along sid. I’ve no idea what they were celebrating. The crazy dear’s scarfing down the goodies faster than the amount I had delivered, in their excited state’s they followed me-truck back to the barn’s front most barnyard to even fallow me out, passing the forbidden gate way, my hurriedly winding my window so‘s I could yell-out a few superlatives. My verbally sounding off had worked changing the crazed mob’s carried away combined minds. Whew for a couple moments I had thoughts of having to round them up a scattered mass all over the front.n.side yards, and road going both ways hay they stayed with me up the drive.
My chores finished at home, a newly made tall tea in hand
I went down to shop and removed all but two transmission pan bolts so’s to let it really hang and drain out. Hat took only a few minutes.
As I hadn’t finished fixing the fence in the Hollow Place I took Dumpy home for an exchange of work wheels. As I had down loaded dumpy onto the Cushman and the Cushman was better suited to belaying wire, that machine and I were off an running. A couple rusty wires plus a couple breaks I had decided to take up the old wire replacing it with new. While I did this Tom had come out and started on me again, the old wire good enough and he’d fix fence. Yeah sure! I ignored him as he didn’t know what he was talking about being good enough. Yeah sure! If the critters get out I’m the one called to round them up. Then when I have to surround them to push’em through one 20’ gate way to small for these dumb animals to see. My being to tired to explain the scene better, use your imagination. Regardless what’s left of the fence to do I’ll finish it in the morning. And it’ll have been sturdily done correctly. Gosh thinking it late looking at my clock I had 15 minutes of light left. Heavy over cast dark would be quicker this evening and it was.
Good gosh, once I had gotten into the house I hadn’t realized how old I had become. Once I had sat down I didn’t want to get out of my chair. I had even asked Frieda if she’d known anybody who’d worn a barnyard tuxedo for pajamas? I had to move, for I was getting what seemed like lightening bolt jots of pain running up m spine rattling my mind and sight shaken blind. Whoopee! Last night I had some restless leg syndrome experience even my comfortably seated in my recliner, my feet up I had at least three episodes my limbs trying to make in place some short sprints. Most annoying!!!.

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Paula said...

Not much fun growing older, huh? Guess its better then the alternitive though.