Monday, November 7, 2011

11-6-2011 Time change, Bah

Looking at clock, thunking I’m waking right on my proffered time I was to discover I were wrong. Nuts, I had forgotten to turn my Fall’s clock back. Okay, that finality taken care of I’m supposed to be ready for an earlier daylight start. BS! Instead I want to relate some only day’s old observations.
Day before yesterday motoring down the road, roughly a mile and a quarter west of here, I had to bring the Dumpy truck to a near halt whilst what looked like a confused turkey tried her wing at directing traffic in an area where there weren’t even a crossroad unless a near by driveway counted.
Rolling again, having progressed through the gears only a block ahead my passing a Loopy Mama’s abode I saw her, riding her still new looken JD burb tractor in circles fractioning more fallen dry leaves. Dully fashion dressed layer upon layer for Winter’s still coming season she was. So greatly dressed she was she had completely topped off her look with what looked like two knit hats pulled well down over her ears.
Taken yesterday, here’s one Fall line up picture of sorts.
Looking closely; one White 4-180, two 1850 Oliver’s, one 4wd 2150 , and a bit of a 4020 JD; may be seen.
The day was going relatively smooth. I picked up a hay bale to give the ladies and found their table broken (hay-ring feeder). This called for instant repairs so I put a bale on the tractor’s front forks and backing up to the previously loaded hay wagon (with hay-wagon-rakes) took both up front. Dropping the wagon, connecting it to Dumpy we drove out with it and loaded the broken hay feeder on it and took the doubly loaded wagon to the shop. The broken feeder unloaded on hay rake salvaged whole sitting it to one side Sneak and I dismantled the second saving some of it making kindly out of most of it. Another hay feeder all but totally destroyed sitting over the hill, we brought it up for repairs. We replaced that challenge with another previously mended hay ring and both of us were bushwhacked before we’d made a clean get away. Okay while Sneak helped Bro’ repair the first challenge we had unloaded I busied myself picking up after the three year abandoned Old Blue pickem-up-truck. Might say I was assaying it’s temporary re-existence for my (our) scavenging the engine-transmission donor parts for giving the Ugly and the Greeny trucks their individual needs for a couple prolonged useful lives.
Holly Smokem’s Summer shade lovers. Bro’ put me onto one of the surplus commodity boxes. There in two layers deep covering the bottom were cases and cases varied lemonade and fruit flavored sealed bottle drinks. His telling me he’s going to dump the whole lot emptying the bottles and trashing them before they freeze and break, I grabbed several cases. Anybody thirsty? Trying a strawberry lemonade, it was quite tasty. Nothing I’d buy; but, at these prices, it was worth my time saving some four different flavors for next Summer. All of what I’m savng for myself I put in one them two bushel tubs. If we should have a dungeon party, all that refreshment offering would need is a couple/three bags of drink cooling ice. Now, that’s prepared!

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