Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mich. Deer Hunter’s Holiday

With a crescendo of open gunfire coming to my ears from all around my neighborhood shooters were celebrating the changing season’s with noisy sighting in’s their favored weapons. Today the 11-15th is Michigan’s grand opening the firearms deer hunting season.
I got to miss this morning’s opener’s fresh-air, snap crackle and pop crunching fallen leaves under my feet, the noe skipped climb up, up and away off the earth on a balanced perch in a tree meant only for squirrels to climb and birds to perch on.
Opening my dad is a quick two ladies round up. Had to appropriately button tag them their traveling credentials. Their windows seats have been reserved, their chartered transportation taking them to Dizzying World completed with a many an onlooker with shouts of encouragement agreeing to assessment’s numbers for their next individually traveled destinations.
Hearing Fillip, seeing him through glassed eyes he tended the woodstove and was gone at ¼ to 7:00. Me, I was outside at ¼ to 8:00 we’d had an over night shower, and glassing of ice laid on everything sitting still for it. The round up was a quick one, the ladies both willing to be processed for their unknown destinations. Then coming out of the chute I escorted each the ladies to their traveling places aboard the long long-trailer.
Ho boy, myself having gone out without gloves the wood heat felt good on my frosted fingers my re-entering the house. Plenty time for breakfast after the rattlers taken earlier, then I was on the road before 8:30 AM for my wrench first. Sheesh! Checking my lists I’ve got to reluctantly cover a lot of ground this morning.
I ha a good morning’s drive. 1st stop for wrench Sears didn’t open until 10: AM. That was down right inconsiderate of them. If I wanted that wrench it meant hanging around. So, went looking for my insurance agent. He wasn’t in, still transacted some business with out him with the office girl. Then mosyed over to HF where I picked up a much better fitting tarp for the feed wagon soon needing a new one. These last two stops all well with a 1/2mi radius with Sears I didn’t have to drive far out of my way.
I must report my driven Dumpy ride down and back up Linden road, a far west side Flint artery, the ride was like a hoped ride on a kangaroo’s back across an Australian outback.
Done on the SW side Flint I got on the I-75 freeway. Four lanes wide north bound, I pushed Dumpy to its tack red line max, I watched my mirrors the gaining hoards of traffic gaining on me, the speeding away ahead of me leaving me behind. Thankfully I didn’t have a day’s travel way to go. Off at Clio I hit Wally World with Fillip’s useless second pair three week old shoes. A very nice lady took care of me this time refunding the shoes worth with a store debit card. Then just for the heck of it I checked the shoe department again. Had I learned anything? Who knows? I found another doubled the money price shoes in my size. Having had good luck with WW shoes in my size over the last six yrs three times running (or walking in my case) I bought them wearing them out of the store. Comfortable they are over what I had settled for less than 4wks ago at Payless.
On Clio’s main-drag I saw my banker for advice. We laid out a debt controlling repayment plan my debts. Things are looking up. Next stop was for farm engine motor oil and 90 gal fuel oil to top off our heating oil. Because the farm is a good oil company customer, AND there was no hurry for a refill I suggested they top off the tank sometime when in their in my neighborhood anyway/anytime, business was taken care of both party’s happy.
Next stop TSC for paws’n’claws vittles. Would you believe I made one more stop for three gallon milk to wash these late evening TV snakes down? Still one more stop to collect some old age benefits, and I was on my way home. Home unloaded 1:30 PM I wasn’t quite late enough for a lengthy dinner postponement, My lunch was a welcomed delight to my hungry face.
Yesterday’s plant question? It is called Bok Choy, a Chinese vegetable. May be used in salads or stir fried in a wok. When I’ve time or need of a break I will look into this particular veggie eaten matter deeper.
I did make it down to the shop. Tried out that brand new wrench and it worked beautifully. That wrench was the one and only way to get that part of the job done with the proper tool. Okay, I’d cracked the transmission from the transfer case and got me a nice stream of red juice running out from between the two parts. Hmm, I’ve the feeling I need to loosen the transmission’s oil pan just a little and let it drain it with a controlled leak. When that’s either started or done depending how it is looked at, I’ve a fence repair to seriously look at. Then figure out how I shall want to fix or entirely redo it.
My mind quickening its running dow, it is time to close and call it a day. Slumber is inviting me my participation.

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