Sunday, November 13, 2011

almost but not quite

Had thought we’d have engine/transmission out of Ol’Blue. Didn’t happen. That rat truck’s so rusted’n’greased if ain’t dig through one it’s the other. Slowly making headway. Found looking over both Ugly and Blue transmissions they won’t easily interchange. Okay, will continue pullig Blue’s trans anyway. The internal parts I’ll need to fix Ugly’s trans many are the same. One part will be a reverse band, the others perhaps some the discs. Wont be the first time I’ve used two’r’three transmission to make one. Money outlay will cover new seals.
Just when we were making good headway, Fillip got sick. Had to come home. It’s alright needed an early day anyway. I’m doing dishes, second batch washed & drip drying, third soaking. Rattlers drowned’n’downed It’ll be a good night for pizza and maybe a fresh baked pie. Good night for Xmas flicks may settle in for tall and a bag a-popcorn.
Opps, Found I had better check weather forecast. May had to bring in more produce saved from a rain…. Forecast called scattered showers. Nuts! Plan is to share some fresh produce with the food-pantry.
Found myself making more lists. I need to hit the road again this coming Tuesday. If Fillip’s weathered off the corn harvest we can motor the highways. If not, my lonrsome motoring will be along the slower back-ways.

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