Monday, November 7, 2011


Got-to get used to the time change. I’ve got no idea what’s in man’s mind why we got to try and change the Sun’s orbit around the earth? It can’t be my old fashioned country learnen that told me the world is round. What’s any sensible Gooberment what thinks it’s doing me a favor trying the yearly speed and then slow down the earth’s turning. These cussed changes upset my balance telling of time when the sun ain’t where it’s supposed to be year-round.
Meanwhile I was waken at 3:00 AM for a water dispensing call. Since then have eaten a fruit cup and a banana. And still not feeling sleepy enough to lay it back down Even seen behind a yawn I ain’t feeling tired enough to lay back down. Nuts! The house so warm, the stove blower going strong I had thought about opening the inside door. Be my luck if I threw another log on the fire it’d only make the house hotter. A body can’t win-4-loosing.
Another continued meanwhile, I neglected to finish my last journal entry. Another got-to go and finish it rat now. (a mid-nite watered eye fits well rat here)
Cats and cows fed, and down the rod I’d gone. Unwrapped bread for awhile until it were time to pick up sneak for a long ride across Flint town. Weren’t long at Sneak’s neurologist’s office. After some conversation Sneak was given two prescriptions. Instructions: taken them until he sees this Doctor for an EEG test in five weeks. Sneak’s Wal-Mart shoes having given out again, self destructing from the inside out. Watching along our way onto the Flint’s southwest side mall strip we spied a Gander Mountain Sporting Goods Store and found our way in. In this store we found him a well made new pair of shoes for 60% off these at the same price as the original crappy pair. Phooey Huey! This store didn’t carry my size. Next stop was as we come to it was Best-Bye. Money’s galore it’s hard to understand my credit cards were maxed out and nobody’d cash Sneak’s mounting pay-checks. Unlike all the other guys Sneak works with they’ve wives, girl friends, and/or lovers have the day light abilities to cash their checks for then until I convinced Sneak to give them to me. I’ve promised Sneak a postcard from wherever I land. (grin) Any way we did manage to bye a wireless router that nay computer in th house could use. Next stop Dunham’s Sporting Goods store checking on more shoes still looking for me. Was no good for me unless I want basketball shoes the likes I’d the play with Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, or any-other court star would chance their reputations against the likes of me. (hehe) This stop we came away empty handed.
At long last we were thinking heading for home. Decided along the way to check out the SA for our sofa needs. Found one not in the best of appearances condition but better priced this coming Friday, if they’ve still got it then. Some strong soap sude with the appropriate color dye in the wash water will do wonders for the sofa. Should we get It here. Next stops involved taking Sneak back to work. While he hauled soybeans I went to see Doc on our behaves, Frieda and mine. When he got done with me I was diagnosed with COPD, and sent home with another prescription. Whooppee! Next stop drug store. I eventually got my scripts. Was kept waiting and extra hour for Sneak’s prescription filling to be turned down. Nobody has ever heard o the Traveler’s insurance. CRAP! I’ve got to check on them again tomorrow. Good Gosh Almighty Hairy, I walked in my door at five minutes to 8:00 PM. At five minutes past 8:00 PM was eating a home made pizza main course with an all fruit pie ala mode dessert.
Was one Hell of a day today. No serious work done, but a few accomplishments either started or out of the way. One thing sure, what I either didn’t get to today I get to finish it either tomorrow or this coming Friday.

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