Monday, November 28, 2011

Can’t take much more…..

…..this! We (I) purchased one them inter-net WiFi thing-a-ma-jiggy’s Maybe over a week ago. Not in the mood morning’s to want to think about IT to pooped to take an interest in it, and with other things on my mind it had laid around unopened until day’4’yesterday. . Directions talked about all these cables we were supposed to plug in, only they weren’t there. Two/three time’s Sneak and I viewed this gadget unable to make sense of the directions. Last thoughts we needed more stuff to go along with it. That was last night.
Waking this morning I experienced a new deeper thought-out revelation from within my sleep‘s sub-conscience state! I had finally figured it out. Everything’s here. Now I can’t find the leftovers (the whole boxed contents of the thing-a-ma-jiggy) save for the confusing directions. What Sneak’s done with all the hard (E-term) stuff I don’t know. I wish he’d wake up so’s I can display my new found brilliance. It’s only moments away from use’s plugging oodles of more wires into the tangled mess continued piling higher behind my ‘puter stand. Then we can take the lap top ‘puter anywhere our laps, conveniences, and/or hearts desire dictate. Just think of it, we can ‘pute even while sitting on the throne working other lower level matters out! Hallelu-loo*-iah!
AND another thing. While I’m reluctantly domesticating myself to the riggers of homework (housework) I want’s me a masculine like type work apron suitably designed to signify my man-kind’s changing way in continued positive male‘s way doing stuff. Okay, perhaps I used to many words but I feel as though I’m troubled trying to put just the right ones together to ‘splain my ever growing position (including responsibility)!
And, AN another thing, While Fillip’s braggin’ about all he does around here including dishes “and one thing or another,” me holding my hands up please clearly note the one who’s got the dishpan hands. (grin)
Up, the woodstove enlivened again, coffee on, the thought of breakfast just a creeping into my mind, there came a heck of a pounding on the front door. One of Fillip’s neighboring farm colleagues was here to see where I wanted some sand and gravel he was going to haul in upon Fillips request. It’d be shortly randy was bringing us three loads sand and gravel I’ll use for filling various holes around the farmyards. Okay up and out early while I’m spotting the dumping sand and gravel site, my cell vibrates. Ho, Ho, nuts I’m informed I need to grind grain today. Again nothing like being well inform in advance any upcoming task. Sand and gravel coming, no grain to grind it looked like what I was looking forward to a great day was already going down the tubes. Oh well, I’ve been getting to heavy lately anyway, Only thing I’d had to run my aging bones frame on was the coffee I had made earlier. I had to run through two elevators, one of them a second time for a weight slip. Obviously my dishwashing‘s interrupted for what seemed like an all morning’s drive to ring all the needed elements together for the feed grind and delivery. Readied prepared to put it all to use I stopped all progress. Eat out of my breakfast I wasn’t about to find my lunch postponed.
My belly filled, the trailer loaded with our furniture I moved it outdoors. Then brought out the grinder-mixer and set up all the elements and had thought this chore’s running smoothly enough. That was right up until the tractor needing fuel the fuel was water logged. Ducky, just freaking ducky. Screens in the bottom of the funnels we’d used both doing what was expected of them, plug up tight catching’n’holding the water preventing any contaminated fuel’s entry into the tractor’s fuel delivery system. The grind completed, the feed spotted, the truck freed for Frieda and Fillip’s use to keep medical appointments, they were gone. Left to my own devices I got into moving some sand and gravel. Sand around a fountain here, gravel down in the hollow’s driveways. That was just up to quarter of 5:00 PM. I had a fence wire to put up, the Cushman to put away as I needed it to jump start the Ford loader-backhoe earlier.
Other than feeling pressured early on this morning I had finished the afternoon in a much more relaxed manner. I did enjoy my day for all those wee little exchanges between myself with a number of momentary exchanges with friends and neighbor encounter’s my travels.
*loo: an UK English term for restroom. Now aren’t you just ecstatically glad you tuned in. (grin)

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