Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wood & Tea

4:30 AM I’m wide awake and maken tea in he heat of the wood somebody’s carelessly thrown in the stove turning this house into a boiler room.
I ain’t even wide eyed yet tears just itchen to gather and roll if they don’t dry up first. Between somebody pushen to burn my hard cut firewood and my running out of tea, it’s gon-a-be Friday when I have to run again. I’ll throw in a forth tea leaf refreshen stop some-where’s along this coming Friday’s traveled way. It could be I may just have to take to swilling more coffee between now’n’then than I want to too pacify some my cropped-up urges to snack away the calories.
Lookin’ outside I’d seen wet. Weather forecasters tellin’ us it’s going to be spotty kind of rainy day today. It’s lookin’ like we’re in one them rainy day spots. If sneaks got the day off it’ll be a good day either for cutting’ wood and/or puttin’ Old Blue in the shop for harvestin’ mechanical organ donation day’s. It is being told we may even see snow Thursday and/or Friday.
It’s up to five stops now as I want to shop for at least one pair safety chainsaw chaps, on Bristol Rd. I better be making a list of stops and wants.
Writing about list making, while I had to do some enriching a couple bank accounts I drove over to the Crossroads. Banked, had keys made and picked up my tea and banana’s. Because Sneak still required his medication my next drive’s leg was over to Otisville. There I shopped Denny’s for $3.00 pizzas and pies. Then hit the drugstore finding Sneak’s medical card hadn‘t been insurance company endorsed (if these are the correct words?). What the…? His needing them I paid the suggested completive Wall-Mart prices for the scrip’s.
Backing Dump’s motoring prowess up between villages, taking my stone road filled with a many a water filled potholes. Seeing a survey crew ahead I slowed down, of course, pacing my speed as slowly as I thought safe to pass them. These guy’s paying no attention to me my approach, my unbelieving eyes, the one with the measuring wheel ignored about to set off crossing the road just as my Dumpy truck was approaching them. The one silly a-who started stepping it off right near in front of me. Dumpy having progressed to late for a quick stop the a-who who’d started walking. In the middle of his third step Dumpy’s left front tire fell hard into a big-a water filled pot hole sending up an at least nine foot tall wave of water engulfing the guy with the measuring wheel. And to add additional justice to his stupidity the rear duals hitting the same pot hole once more sent up a lesser but quite close and equally efficient second wave drenching them both there all’s. I can’t help myself. I laughed then. I’m laughing again now remembering the sight of those wet arsed careless ignorant or arrogant fools.
This afternoons time Sneak and I opened bread wrappers, looked for some leaks in the JCB, moved some railroads locking in place the Old Blue, brought into use the solid double ended tongue, and pushed Old Blue into the shop. Blue inside Sneak and I removed it’s hood and spoke words of projected thoughts we’re going to do to take things apart. One thought was pressure washing the power plant assembly before laying a wrench on it.
Home a few moments ‘fore 6:00 PM it was near dark by 6:30 PM. Here’s one thing to the Sun’s disappearance is the physiological parallel to my hitting my wall. When it gets dark I’m ready for some big time hibernation.

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