Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Good Morning
While I soundly slept last night my two living in companions (one wife, one son) were awake most the night watching me. I slept so soundly I hadn’t any idea I was a resting center piece of conversation. I just don’t know about some people?
This HandiHaler is almost something new. If I should by accident remember correctly I’ve seen them used in the movies some years ago to amplify some barker‘s voice.. Well. I’m going to write about it now. The name alone is a little fooler. Looking at the package what contains the Spiriva medication there in was a large but then again awfully small for an imagined haler inside it. A haler? Is it in kit form that opens out into an enormous mouth peace for talk at an ages ago crowd? Not at all.
Opening the package I found (not that this package or its contents were ever lost) a big-a sheet of finely (synonym (boldly) printed paper sheet approximately 18” high x 34” wide lightly printed both sides.
They’s more instructions on this sheet of paper than I had gotten with any my last three computers. To read this thing I had to turn on the over head schoolroom lamp on the ceiling fan, don my spectacles, and still squint to see what it had said both in pictures and texts. I must have been well over a half an hour deciphering the instructions for wildly sucking in the capsuled contents untouched by human hands. The manufacture must use some wisassed monkeys to put these medical packages together.
I’ve got to get busy and see if this stuff I’ve ingested is going to make me younger. Well, I can dream can’t I? More later……
Over lunch I’m putting to record my morning’s activities. I’ve been on the road, to elevator, to retrieving empty feed wagon. I gathered up the last of the bottled lemonade and delivered it to my drinking neighbors, finally getting rid of the stuff. I’ve learned one my neighbors is saving me their glass bottles and jars for home made wine samples. (grin, well I never) (snicker)
I had packaged our trash putting out with it a rotten pallet to hold it all down.
And then when the lunch hour was over I had best better to have gotten with it. Where with all the shelled corn in it’s gravity box, supplements on Dumpy’s back, the time had rolled around for the same old grind, the quickest part of the day. The grind finished it was coffee time, specially seeing as how I hadn’t had any until Sneak had made some for this infinitely small accomplishment. Coffee done, on the road, we delivered the supplemented ground feed. And approached the shop with Dumpy. Something had to be done with the clutch shifting linkage right’r’wrong oneway’r’another.
Truth be known Bro” had enlisted the volunteered assistance of a couple Shorthorn country deer slayers who from time to time put in little time for those hunting privileges. Truck jacked up and on a jack-stand I seen coming the troops to do the dirty metal bestest chimney cleaning. Had to show one of them what a ladder looked like and where it was, plus I expected it’s parked return. To the other gentleman I presented him with a wrench, wooden block, and a hammer.
Well as they had it down in good time they worked at as if they knew what they were doing. Unable to take the top off, while trying just the same to clean under the cap, the very top came off all the rivets pulled through the inner metals. Taken to the shop whilst Bro’ and his invited troops searched the shop for screws, instead of watching me, I ground the old rivets off (without leaving marks) and reaching up on a shelf brought down the screws. About the time ALL the hot shots caught up with me, I had but one of six screws left to run home and the lid was done. They could take the chimney away and put it back.
The chimney sweeps taken care of I could get back to my Dumpy truck. Sneak having worked on Dumpy’s problem, from his description his efforts, he’d missed the mark. It was my turn to get down and get under. Determined to get it done one way’r’another I wildly wrenched away far greater the numbered turns until I had put all the clutching workings in a bind. Then having Sneak a-top, the action he couldn’t see I gave’im directions as to the pushing and pulling the clutch pedal for up‘n‘down. By’n’by I had thought I had the adjustments as close as I could get it right’r’wrong I tightened only one nut down. The whole thing done I lowered the truck. Backed it out to lock up and ready to go home regardless. If it were right, okay. If not there’s tomorrow. Giving Dumpy’s shifting a trial going through, it was working just fine. I’d have to guess I got it just right.
Doing chores in the dark is for the night owls. I’m no longer near qualified enough to claim such a feathered ability.

*This is just another way Shorthorn country hunters earn their hunting rights around here. This also helps keep careless unknown trespassers off the properties.

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Paula said...

If you find out how to get younger I'll take two of 'em.