Friday, January 20, 2012

What a Day?!!?!

I don’t know whether to explanatory-it or question it? First off a call come it, “You may have to grind Sunday?” Okay, I can prepare for that. More calls made on our own behaves, we’re to go for shelled corn at noon. Meanwhile we loaded up on supplements, and went to shop There we frightened the Ollie acting like we knew what we were doing for a little while. Fillip cleaned sparkplugs we eventually need elsewhere, I went to filling quart bottles with ATF, cherry juice*. More fluids added to tractor time rolled around to noon. Went after shelled corn. No go a loaden. Sixguys elevator-ing equipment had frozen. Empty wagon dropped they’d call when it were loaded. Close enough it were lunch time. Delving into the quick and easy I had peanut’n’jelly sandwitches. I hate peanut butter’n’jelly sammitches; and, I was making them.
Okay, settled into eating, my having run out of excuses I called (I-net friend) George TX and talked a spell with him. I told him about my lunch, he laughed, I told him about my book likely coming out soon, he remarked he’d wouldn’t be around to make me a web page. I told him about my successfully completing two differently assembled azzkickers and sadly missed not them setting up and using them this last summer. Worse, I hadn’t made a flick of them in action so‘s I could show them to him.
I found him a remarkably tough guy accepting his fate, his personal end is near. I so wish I could help him, modern medicine, help him. Crap! I still don’t know what to say?
Back to the shop Fillip and I with Tom kibitzing we finished up putting the 1850 Ollie together. Tried to start it and the batteries had failed. Putting a 10 amp charger on them for over night we also received phone call wagon had been shelled corn loaded. We were off again, picked up wagon and made it over the scales just in time. Weigh slip I in hand we headed for out rural auto parts emporium getting there just in per-called time While we were on our way Fillip called them, “We’re on our way. Wait for us an extra 5min time.
We got a new transmission filter and a 5gal drum ATF at a good buy. Best part of that buy, it saved us another motored trip across the county to our bulk plant for that same fluid. I’ll accept those product chasing and lost time savings as a welcomed staying home for better use all day time for tomorrow.
Fillip’s supper was 2-good. Looks and tastes like he started out with a couple whole-wheat pizza-crusts. Then covered the processed cheese with venison sausage and crushed pineapple on one. Then again use ham for meat on the Yup, tasted like real good’n’filling. A piece of pie-ala-mode wit a scoop of ice-cream is what would make an excellent finish to tonight’s supper.
Gosh I’m about ready to call it a full day. I’m about ready to lay it out. Can’t tell whether it was the keeping up with a busy day, the cold weather (although it felt warmer today without yesterday’s wind), or the pressed for time flitting from here to there and about over our icy roads to complete my impromptu rounds.

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