Thursday, January 26, 2012

Caught myself napping

Yeah, yeah, must of worn myself out more than I’ve realized last few days. Them damnable lightening strike headaches don’t help either.
An early Juan call got me dressed in time for his picking me up for a chauffeured grocery shopping run. Making three stops was home by 12:30PM. I enjoyed a cold peanut and jelly samitch lunch. Then just plain casually drifted off for a near 4hr nap. Curses, such a warm tempered day I wasted most of its loss getting absolutely nothing done in or around the shop.
My hay count last night will do me through winter to April 1st. Ho-boy. This feed situation’s coming up short. In my day’s travel I got me-self an alleged tip on somebody overstocked on hay. Went looking for it late this afternoon and returned home absolutely empty handed. Now what?
Tom’s been put back on respirator. To help him breath. Sent him word, “You can give Bro’ an moneys you owe me. His wife said he rolled his eyes and went back to sleep. He’s owes me zip. I’m just tickling his mind to stimulate his juices. (Grin:)

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