Friday, January 6, 2012

At Last

I spent a warm comfortable all night sleep for a change. Of the one ash, two elm, and several gopher-wood trees the gopher wood last loaded, first carried in the house burned well keeping my TB (tired butt) warm all night. However, in my returning home exhaustion, Sneak only carried in that wood he fed the stove until his bed time. Wait until he wakens this morning….. (grin) My waking but twice for a couple quick water hauls, I had also done some twice bare footed dances out and onto the wood-hauler for a couple arm full’s firewood to feed that wood burner during the night. (grrr) But alas, those two trips outdoors in my swinging bottom-less short night shirt benefited me with needed fresh-air and exercise.
Morning rant over. Passing the soap box on……
On the road shortly after 9:00 AM we picked up my meds, a med sheet, tripped 10 mile south for an outlying burb to Flint. My first medical stop place wasn’t there. Okay, taking a parked timeout to reconnoiter I decided we go back the way we’d come, slowly, what places we had to go had to b within a seeing a sign for my planned second stop we wheeled in. That walk in appointment taken care of directions gained for the location the first stops lost we had made some good time. Finished this burb we took to zig-zag-ing cross country for an additionally planned Crossroads hardware store stop. There I ordered a new chainsaw-bar. Picked up sparkplugs and saw files and arrived home at lunch time.
I didn’t even have my lunch finished and here come the phone calls. A crisis here, another one there. Sheesh! A body’d think the world was going to come to and end. So critical the caller’s needs I didn’t finish my medical phoned in personal info. I better be taking care of this come Monday morning sure!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Okay, as long as I’m mysteriously needed in shop, the chainsaw’s loaded, the log splitter’s hooked in tow, both to go with me. Fillip’s driving the 4020JD to shop for a original new choke cable installation. Some days ago I suggested such a choke cable and was shot-down. Now that it’s Bro’s idea it’s a-okay! Go figure?
While we waited for one of his Nib’s shortly's Fillip reconditioned the chainsaw bar, dressing the bar and guide with another fresh mill-bastard file. When he had finished I reassembled the saw making it ready to go our next time out. I also picked up an extra chain saw from Chip. He’s little use for it any more. If it’s a good runner I may strike a deal with him over it. My asking for assistance getting the wood splitter started and running went totally ignored. Okay, I surely couldn’t make it operated any worse than it had yesterday. I didn’t even start nor worked at all!!! Opening up the guess where do I start on my part I slipped into it a new sparkplug, and then with a flick of the wrist with the golden screwdriver into the only fuel jet adjusted to 80 years or more old specs the darn thing started and once warmed up ran like a top. We’s ready for another adventurous day chopping more fire wood out in the wood lot…..
There are times I don’t know where Bro’s mind has gone. I repeatedly told him I can’t see after dark. I mean it, I’m near totally night blind any more. Maybe when he keeps me late enough a couple nights and make him not only bring me home, I make him come and get me so’s I may pick up my ride.
Fillip made supper. Wasn’t to bad, my telling Frieda “you might better use a little salt and plenty pepper on this. It’s taste is so flat it won’t hold air.”

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