Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Early start….

….and a good thing also. I like such prompt messages when I’ve an extra curricular activity to engage in, like feed grinding. Out extra early the two of us, Fillip and me, we took on seeing just how much we could accomplish today. Yeah right! The grind message coming early enough I didn’t have to post pone the grind. We had just the time to do it before Fillip had to motor me to another medical appointment. That I’ve got to rant about.
One side stepping another scoundrelly questionable behavior realizing Tom’s wife was perhaps home I called her to ask if there was anything I could bring her, after her two day horsepistils stay, in the way of some comfort foods, like tomato and/or chicken noodle soup, for examples starters. She declined the offer saying she had everything she needed. Okay, I agreed with her, only additionally adding I couldn’t give her any my personal attention for I was saving myself for another. Opps, me an’ my big mouth. Frieda sitting right beside me ‘n Cathy on the other end the same wire, now I’ve got two wimmins getting on me for my words. Like what were they, encouragement or discouragement? I do like living on the edge. If nothing else I stimulated a couple wimmin's circulations.
My Doc’s prescription appointment slip designated I was required to be on time for an MRI examination. Yeah sure. Upon arrival and the usherment into a fancy cubical I was ordered to undress for this Doc’s examination. What happened to the MRI? I had never had to bare-assed undress for an MRI before. This visit turns out to be an assessment visit. I was seriously PO-ed, and I let this Doc know it. Particularly when he wanted my immediate medication history. I had come there for an MRI, not an assessment visit. So, I had failed to bring all that paper work with me. Well I hadn’t completely undressed. This Doc hadn’t required it, therefore I didn’t sit around in this cubical freezing my gonads off.
Before we were done I was given scripts for a blood draw and tests, an EEG, and the honest to goodness MRI. Sheesh! So tomorrow I have to phone this last office with not only my meds list but also my personal care giver’s list faxed over to this last Bozo’s office my Doc’s office list my medications.
Checking my want lists, I found we could stop and impromptu-ly stop to shop Meijer’s Thrifty Acres for most our shopping list’s the household needs were take care of. While there I could even mail out my book manuscript’s last story editing and the art changes for the story’s drawings and over all approvals. Now I’m liking a little kid waiting for my could be July’s Christmas celebration. I’m so tickled I may just drift away from the Internet for awhile and take on a challenging more involved book writing. Goodness knows I’ve got more than enough material. My wife, family and it’s pets have entertained me for years.
Two more stops the Crossroads. My bank showed me how to do internet banking bill paying. Wow, what a hoot for a poor country boy. Last stop was by the Crossroads hardware store for still more Dumpy truck paint supplies. Still on order, I’m waiting for two more items.
What a day. Would rather have gotten more done on the locked up 1850 before the colder coming temps set in really cooling off the earth. Personally I’d like to see some steady 20* daily temperatures so’s Fillip and I can take on some serious firewood chopping without any insistence mud‘s interference. Well tomorrow’s another day, should I wake up. (grin)

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Paula said...

Well you better wake up. What would we do without you old coot.