Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We got Rain’n’Snow.

Rained all morning reminding me where all the shop roof leaks were. Late afternoon the rain mixed with snow ultimately turned to just snow. The winds putting up a good breeze Mother Nature’s icing the trees real pretty like. Don’t know how much snow we’re supposed get laid over us It’s still awfully purty out there. So we’ve finally gotten some winter like weather. How long it’ll last or turn into is anybody’s guess?
Fun today involved running over to the Crossroads. We picked up the Jonsirred’s new chain saw blade and forgot what else it was I wanted from the hardware store. Oh well, what’s new? We made a stop by the supermarket and picked up a few things while we were in the vicinity. Stopped by the bank hastily withdrawing just exactly enough money to pay for the new tires. Then we came back to the shop and worked on the 1850 Oliver until my fingers felt cold enough to fall off and then a few minutes longer to finish putting an exceptionally stubborn fuel line together. I sometimes hate to leave something undone only having to face it the next day or time.
All in all it has been a good day. Doc’s office had called me again this afternoon. The Doc’s boss (his wife) is beginning to make a habit of this, me thinks. (grin) Anyway this time she wanted Frieda’s height. Might this be an inquiry as to how Her Mostess measures up?
I (we) keep collecting motor vehicle parts such as I (we) have been doing of late it may not be long one’r’both of us will be buried under them all. Have two individual party’s watching-out for us another cargo box for the damaged 1998 Greeny pick-em-up truck. Doing this in as much as we may just find a better one than what we’ve got. This one badly damaged and the tailgate badly rusted out, going whole hog for a better box could well be time saving and more economically installed and painted, in which case I’ll paint the whole truck. Could be when we’re done these fixed wheels may see a whole new number of useful years service, and look good while doing it.

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