Thursday, January 26, 2012

1-26-2012 Suffering’s

Why must the afflicted suffer such trials, pain's; and, loved one's only capable of watching out of love.
A close friend, aged 50, near frightened to death under went heart surgery Tuesday last. Thankfully he's doing well. He will live. AND, I may continue to pick on him for whatever excuse I may conger up.
I daily watch my Frieda age more'n'more each day and am helpless to give her the old once upon a time good health back.
It took me five years to get over my father's death, his leaving me, my best teacher.
I could only cry for my mother her last eight days and celebrated her death, her soul finding peace when she'd finally gone.
I feel all these pains, especially little children who'd never had the gift of life to have really lived it. I think he worst parental pain of all comes upon us when we can't adsorb a child's pain. Words are most difficult for me to find at any or all these times when loved ones suffer and leave us. All, I may add is when her time comes, may all of the afflicted find peace.
The little girl, 11 yr old Madeleine with her father will be profiled…err….blessed her survival the extremely rare disease she’s survived this last Fall’s months. I had worried and thought only good words for her healing. I shed a many a tear for this child. In payment for her survival I shed a couple more happy tears when she shared a hug with me some weeks back. It’s wonderful she may live the saved gift of life she’d been given.
I must now turn away from this monitor to whip away another tear. “Rainbows!”

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