Wednesday, January 25, 2012


What to write about today? Had an extremely restless night. I must have endured a dozen little cat naps with short strings and threads of time wide awake. Been tired and headachy all day. For constructive activity I (we) spent most of it cutting up tires. Worst part of the whole task was wet gloves freezing my hands in them as the afternoon temperatures dropped.
Had cut up seven tires with the first saw blade. Trying to take a cut the bead shortcut ruined my fist saber saw blade. I’m guessing I wont be doing the tire cutting that way again. But must devise another surer a way to get rid of the tougher harder to cut-up the tractor steering tires into three pieces.
Seen here a 1/3 of the cut-up tires. No longer tires, they’s trash!
Asked about lubricant’s? Here is my many years experience on this take. I have used at least once a many so called bests….Kroll, PB Blaster, WD40, and others.
I’ve found each product’s intended purpose works best for it‘s labeled suggestions and instructions. Like ether‘s handy for winter starts and only a little dab will do it. WD40 works well in drying out gas distributor caps, sparkplugs and wires. Liquid Wrench (in my book) is the best commercial pentiterent there is. For another lubricant (old wagon spindle) I‘ve used and like diesel fuel for a starting combo pentatrent and lubricant, followed with used diesel motor oil, and then several shots bulk grease. I use used trans-draulic fluids for chain lubes. If I’m taking something new to me and old machine apart I use 50/50% ATF/acetone in a shaken pump-spray bottle. Okay so it separates. Perhaps it’s why this mix is the best. Applied shaken-ed, it separates, the acetone soaking in first, the lube sticking AFT following after it. Much like the same principle my earlier explanation’s my spindle loosening/lubing workings. Bottom line, it’s to each his own. I’ve stated some my preferences They’s what’s found in my cans, they’s what work for me, they’s what keep me economically happy.
One caution: Kerosene ain’t much good for nothing’. If anything it attracts moisture and causes submerged rust. This is just my observation. It isn’t written in stone. What I have found useful info, diesel burns hotter than kerosene in a space heater. Just one my last thoughts.
Good day

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