Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunny day, more way ‘an one

‘Tis a bright bright-day. Right turn out the drive Fillip and I went shop. Stayed long enough to start fire in space heater and plugged in the Ollie’s block heater. Then we made ourselves absent looken for that just right priceless cup coffee, and we found it. Coffee clutchen and public relaten our hosts came up with a 1998 Chevt tail gate for $25.00 needing but one lower corner in need a wee bit a-fixen.
While we were gone Tom had showed up at shop. He maken like a hero he shut down Fillips runaway smoken space heater. Then started the fixed Ollie, instantaneity runnen, backed it out of the shop, drove it around the circle to report the hydra-drive worken flawlessly. By time Fillip and I had arrived on the shop scene it was close enough to lunch and we returned home. While Fillip fixed lunch I fed the ladies here and the yearling heifers down the road. Afternoon aught to go well without any other interrupting interferences. (smile)
An after dinner lunch (via the shameless clock’s face frowns) we got the Ugly truck in, the pan dropped, cleaned, the filter replaced, the thing buttoned up, new fluid in the transmission we finished almost within seconds of my Winter’s quitting time. Driving Ugly home afterward I’d (we’d) like to think the truck’s shifting was behaving properly. Time will tell? When I had taken the pan down I had found pieces of metal what shouldn’t have been there; and, I had also found the filter hanging freely on loose bolts. It’s hard telling how much damage has been done inside the halve body; and, then what kind of damage had been done to the discs in the clutch clusters? I’m think I may just a well be thinking about re building me up a new transmission out of the two I have idoly laying around. Meanwhile I’m hoping we can bring the 1998 and 1980 truck’s back from the vary clutches of greedy junkmen. One think’s sure I’ve near got the replacement parts already on hand for the both of them.
Good golly Marie, I think I chilled every bone in my body laying on the shop’s floor covering of cardboard where I did my sliding under and out in close quarters under that infernal Ugly truck. When 5:00PM had rolled around and I was hit 2’r’3 with them lightening strike pains to my head, I was also on the very verge of shivering and shaking from my body’s accumulated cold.
It’s only a couple hours since I could have my supper. The electric shocks are coming at painfully steady rate. I’ve got to lay it down. No if’s, and’s or but’s. I’ve got to lay it down to escape the agony of these GD painful strikes. Meanwhile, everybody….BGKC!

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