Friday, March 26, 2010

More road running

This morning with Juan’s chaffering skills we were taken to the knee surgeons lair for Frieda’s knee checkup. Sure glad he’s taking us my avoiding the City traffic. I know I covered a lot of road earlier in the week, but those were almost all country roads with but a one traffic light situation through two blocks business district and a school intersection Millington. Witch reminds me I’ve got to gather up all my cell phone crap for Verizon return!!!!!
Thought I’d dress up this morning for a change. I put on my brand new bibs. If I must say so for myself I can still cut a dashing figure under this snowed on roof. ;^)
We were in and out of the Docs office in near nothing flat. The Genie took me around the corner for the horizon office. Both barrels loaded I walked under a real head of steam. Before long I had a committee waiting on me. I got my old phone fixed with a new battery (what I wanted in the first place a month ago) and reinstated on the air. I keep my new free phone for a later date use. In the meantime I was told how to find readable manuals on the internet. We were back home in good time. We had lunch and then my day fell apart. I managed the laundry, raiding the freezer for the goods I’ll make some our weekend meals out of. Household duties under control I goofed off some, writing some, making some lists. Checked on Handy, he wasn’t home yet.
Fed the ladies one hay bale for either the third or forth day in a row. Some the ladies are bagging. Calves will be bounced out and around here any day now.
More or less rested up I’ll clobber tomorrow’s day rather hard when. BGKC.

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