Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Der Quadrabicycle

Walking into Mike’s shop last night I felt like a Xmas kid seeing these two preassembly parts in the quadrabike’s beginnings presents. Yeeyowl!!!
Been working on this off and on this machine for several evenings. My eyesight not what it used to be I’ve spent most my time locating and preparing parts, while I let mikes and his younger eyes weld the parts together Coming up next two cross members for starters against thinking full four before final assembly‘s finished.
Finally making/having a beginning it’ll still take some time put it all together. I can see it in my mind. Trying to describe and set it to paper in words and pictures. SayLaVee!
My excitement passing:
I didn’t keep up the fire all night long Outdoor weather so nice house continued warm most the night. I had heard the furnace come once maybe twice, I rolled over and went back to sleep.
Stove cold I cleaned out the ashes before starting anew. Weather nice it didn’t take long to over heat the house. This morning’s fire fortified once, the stove should keep the house warm all day. Now I’ve got to do one of two things or both, chop me some kindling or fill some fire starting fluid bottles. (which I didn’t get done) (blewy)
Bless her heart, Judy was here no more than five minutes late if it mattered. It didn’t matter to me anymore one-way or another. What did matter we never heard from MTA’s Your-Ride.
In our travels Judy and I, I managed to drop off two barnyard tuxedo’s for some serious repairs. The nice lady the seamstress suggested I come back next Wednesday. I got to do that for sure saving my finest tux from any shop or barnyard accidents to expose the comely outfit to any damaging misfortune making it not fit for First Day Meetings.
The ride cost me a lunch out at O’Grady’s. A very nice family atmosphered restaurante. Me and my big mouth. The cookin’s and eating is just like home. Nothing comes out of a can in O’Grady’s. Everything’s homemade including their breads and rolls right there in their kitchen. I should have kept my big fat trap shut when the wimmens were headed for the Coney island dinner the other end the block. Oh well, it’s only money. Now, I don’t even feel like supper. Maybe some rhubarb topped ice-cream for the desert I didn‘t have room for this afternoon.
The ride home Frieda settled in I was off for the shelled corn re-supply. The afternoon flying by so quickly I ran out of time for a weight slip. The wagon loaded, all I need do is hook it up and be on my way for the weigh slip tomorrow when were PT travels finished.
Afternoon my rattlers taken I took care of the ladies here and down the road. Came up to the house and put a pile of firewood on the deck. Walking in, it’s to darn hot in here. I’m already tryin’ to figure out how to shed some skin…. It is so hot. I can’t wait to finish my outdoor chore. Winded though, I had to sit down. I simply can’t take over loading all my systems anymore. A few minutes down I resumed the totting. Going into a hurry-mode I couldn’t wait until I had finished, including the shedding. I wasn’t even going out to putts with the quadrabike this evening. I was in for the night.

Wilma one pooped sow.

Wilma’s babies smart enough to gather together under a heat lamp in the corner

This Tom. He’s Wilma’s keeper holding for up a one day old piglet. Tom is the only person Wilma will let (him) do that. She’s his Tom's pig sure.

I’ve mentioned Tom a good many times in my journal. He’s been a big help to us. Our biggest problem keeping him from putting to much effort into everything he does. He’s only 44 yrs old. Has a heart so bad it’s said he needs a new one. No income, unable to work, penniless, no benefits helpful enough he‘s got it tough going. He’s had a number of heart attacks. Closest he’s come to an corrective operation, he’s a pace maker in his chest this lat month‘s go around. No job, denied doctor permission to work, no insurance, Tom’s offered and granted the barest minimum heath care when ever he’s in trouble. It aggravates me, no end, people like Tom are denied proper health care. I’ve felt his emotional pain having been there myself treated like a criminal for either becoming ill or worse yet accident injured. I don’t care what its called! If it’s socialized medicine so be it. This country needs the lying assed dealing making fat cats out of Washington and then officials elected who’ll what we elected them for to tend to our needs without their lining their pockets either in cash or promises, and appeasing their constituents pork barrel giveaways. If it ain’t the banks strangling this country, it’s the insurance companies gouging the sick, ill, the old exorbitant prices for our needs. Two things I don’t need is some insurance representative and politician making rules over and about at to how much limited care my Doctor may give me.
Okay, I’m mad, I’m getting down off my soap box. BGKC.

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