Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beautiful day

Up, out, and on the road the sunrise was gorgeous. I was early ut and on my way to haul in more hay. The last miles I drove with the shade drawn, and squinted from behind my sun glasses to see the road driving into the sun on the ahead. Thankfully they was only a few miles and not a lot of them. Going and coming I found I had either done to-good a job or a bad job loosening the hay wagon’s kingpins. Going for 35 mph the wagon was a bit squirrelly, an unusual trait for this wagon gear just a few years ago. Coming home loaded it were even worse whipping sharply from side to side. It was like riding the tail whipping the dog.
Heavens to Mergatroid! Walking into the warmed house, since Her Mostess had gotten the woodstove fired up, I asked Frieda if she’d like to ride along with me the next trip, provided she could get into and out-of Ugly truck our round trip. Didn’t take her long semi-winter dressing for cool meeting the cool temperatures before I had the first hay load unloaded. (hehehe) If she manages to get in and out of Ugly without any trouble this morning that old excuse is going to be shortly worn out. BUT, I ain’t gonna say nothing….Maybe the Hell I won’t? (heehawed) Ohh!!! I just love some of my more being devious ways. (grin) (smirk) (hahahohohehe). Now just how shall I go about misplacing her skillets? Put them in her stove’s broiler drawer maybe? She’ll never think me bright enough to hide’em in her kitchen……!
I had thought this morning, I’d sure like to finish grinding those three jackshaft parts as well as properly space those sprockets for my quadracycle. Then I can let it rest while casually take my time working out all the little engineering problems that will come along.
This morning’s second hay load. Get that bale what was supposed to be on top. It is as tipsy as my coffee cup.
Frieda made it in and out the ugly truck without anymore help than my setting her step on the ground for her. (hehehahahoho) Just one guess as to who around here isn’t going to take anymore crap from whom!!!!!!!!!!!! };^))
Home just in time for lunch. And guess who’s wound tighter than a three dollar watch, just a jabbering over her accomplishment. While we were gone I had mentioned the little alfalfa fellows just a leafing out looking good on the hay field where we were buying the hay. Frieda commented upon how very load the peppers were along side the roads were we passed swamp or marsh waters. Upon getting home walking up the ramp Frieda commented again, this time, on the lilacs buds.
Lunch eatened I didn’t turn out the drive for anything until much later. Whatever was done down the road was done without me. I did instead mounted the Cushman and went out back to wind fence wire and pick up fence posts. From west to east I only made it as far as the duck lake pasture, for two reasons. The ground so wet my wire winder’s ground drive wheel so slipping on the ground’s wet grasses I lost interest having hand wind the spools until they were heavy enough to hold the drive wheel firmly to the earth; and, Getting way out there I’d have had to donned my boots wade some swollen pond and creek waters to hand wind part of the fence wire. Besides it was going on late enough I needed to take my rattlers if I were even eat at sundown’s last light. I’d put in enough of the day. Give me a couple more drying days and I roll up those last three wires and wade the creek to see it through to done.
Before coming in, I had fed the ladies and unloaded the hay wagon. Still some waiting for supper time via the clock’s hands movements I slipped on down the road to lay a couple requests upon Handy. Son of a gun, he’s in hospital with two broken bone in his calf and a broken toe. Poor man had gone into a diabetic seizure and fell down some stairs. What it I wanted will have to wait. Sure hope he mends well and the experts straighten out his diabetic monitoring, medications and deliveries. This stay of events is sure going to mess up finishing his septic drain field.
Being it had been an interesting and beneficial day filled with accomplishments and disappointments I’ve arrived to this moment dog tired. So in popping a top and sipping it slow. I’ll be ready for bed when I see this bottles bottom. BGKC.