Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where to start….

…recording this busy day wont be easy. Out of here at a reasonably earlier hour for me I was of and moving to pick up, pack charitable groceries, and deliver to three households.
During my travels probably the bestest moments making my day came to me in the most charming little ladies. Myself mistakenly recognized twice today, less than an hour between them, I was approached as the grand old NorthPole residency’s Elf. Each of them two years old the first one pointing and speaking the big old elf’s name, I bent down on one knee and communicated Santa‘s more of less standard phrases, “I see you’ve been a good girl.” Then adding “ You mind your grandmother (the 1st child).” and “ You don’t play near the street or road.” adding last, “And, you brush your teeth everyday.” The second meeting less than an half hour’s traveling from my first conquest, I was given two hugs my saying “Hello!“ and a “Ho ho ho, I’ll be seeing you again, soon, GoodBye.” waving goodbye the second little lady, of all things, also looked after by her grandmother also.
Also in my travels I happened upon the home of a fellow writer friend of mine. I stopped and my timing perfect finding her answering door wearing only her underwear and inviting me into the house. My timing might have been much more interesting. It was so good seeing her, renewing our old friendship and promising to meet again. She belongs to a local group of writers meeting Thursday afternoons over at the senior center. I’ve got make some of those next winter sure.
This was my morning
After lunch I had a dreadful time staying awake. Getting out of the house on own the road Tom had been busy helping Bro’ with some wood working. This was Tom’s first day away from home since his heart attack a month or so ago. While those two did Ray’s chores I commenced to bring the Shultz tractor to life. Almost starting I had to bring out the charger. Winter’s idleness had reduced the batteries stored starting energy. A jump had the Shultz Ollie running freely and easy. What gadgets we‘d need loaded on the Polaris Ranger we were good to go. It was an easy hook up. Then moved out front the shop it could be looked at for repairs one primary gang and three wings pretty well beat up we’ve got at least some four axels to take apart.
The Shultz Ollie and disc eventually parked out of the way it were time I got back to Handy’s. Picking up my HD battery charger for jump start it save his yard from some real damaging truck tires and trenches over his yard. The upper half of the new waste water drain line set I commenced to build blisters on my backside while establishing a land bridge from the dirt barren south side the trench to get over the excavated earth needed to back fill the trench. While it were a slow start working the skidsteer safely there still a couple rocking moments before the land bridge was finished. The last thing I didn’t want to do is drop or tobble the skidsteer anywhere in the trench. Not only wood it be an embarrassment, it be difficult bringing such a mistake up out of the hole’s depth I had originally dug.
Still a lot to cut dead wood to pickup in my yard it’s drying out while I’m thinking about it. New wrinkle about to enter the farm picture I’ve got six miles electric fence wire to roll up outback during the next two/three weeks decent weathers.
Only whole real accomplishment so far this week is my completing Frieda’s birthday party mess picked up, the trashmen hauling all the package debris away this afternoon. I’d say I had a good day. I’ve got my pinto beans (this time), elbow macaroni, tomatoes, seasonings, either beef of venison burger for ingredients. BGKC.

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