Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Notes in part wrote and posted this AM.
I awoke alive this morning. Still feeling peculiar but then I guess this a continuess natural trait exclusively mine. I also survived taking our trash out this morning. I slipped and slidded all the way down our 1” fall in the 12” run that dizzying slope. The run not with standing, my hands full carrying a trash bag in each hand, my hands full, nothing left to grab one the railings I was privately relegated to doing some unwitnessed fancy foot work staying up-right. Whew, that was a near dizzying experience coupled with my continued queasy tummy.
Killing time I stripped down the two more bicycle frames I had rediscovered. While I was doing this I had also totally taken a pedal crank assembly apart for the sprockets alone. While Frieda’s at PT I’ll go back to TSC to see if I had seen a better sized hub for my quadbike powering drive system.
The new hydraulic line come in for the Ford hoe. Only took a few moments to install it. Ford’s ready to go again. None to soon. Already have a new job for it tomorrow draining some mud in a feed lot.
Went over to the crossroads for gasoline, and a couple quick stops for some dollar store sale items, and supermarket milk. Milk is my favorite drink. I also picked up some more oranges rich in potassium for fat-free non-fattening late night snacks.
Frieda's doing better, getting stronger, and loosing some weight. I can't wait her weight loss, she's going to feel so much better ableing herself to kick my ass. BGKC

PS: This so called up grading cell phone is driving me nuts. It'd be a damned sight easier to use if it were my very first phone.
It's operation at one time today was ringing and vibrating itself nuts while I was trying to make a phone call. I darn near thru the dumb thing out the Ugly window.
Oh, trying to read the miniaturized instruction book the print's so fine looks like dirty gray smudges on every page. So it's totally useless.


Paula said...

When John's new cell phone rings he almost jumps out of his skin.

Donna said...

I hate cell phones. I can't believe there's no way for them to make a phone that's simpler to use.