Monday, March 22, 2010

Making head way…..

….slow but sure I’m getting back into the groove. Was out of here an hour earlier than usual. Right turn I was looking for Barry. Saw Wilma and a her new BO Big Mac. Meanwhile she taking good care her eight piglets they’re a healthy growin’ up family. Shop arrival I got into making over a number bicycle parts into quadracycle parts. That was while I had a chance. A whole bunch of cutting a bit of grinding I had several parts all needing individual attention. They didn’t get it today.
I almost finished up those halter repairs. One last step to go melting the nylon ends in to a single piece. Maybe tomorrow?
Tomorrow trash day, the weather beautiful, I butchered four wagon tires into three pieces each. While I made like a butcher of potential trash I stood by the team loading the tall Ollie’s tires. I knew I’d be the needed now’n’then gopher as I’m the one everybody turns to when something is needed, of-course.
The ladies are off their feed. I can’t help but laugh at their antic, half the herd well scattered all over their pasture. A many of them their heads down waiting and watching for that first blade of grass delicacy to yield itself up for consumption. Animals can be so entertainingly funny!
I’ve just about covered everything of interest for today. Now for tomorrow I’ve got to be out the door and on the road come 7:00 AM for hauling home hay. I’m thinking a minimum two loads will last twenty days, perhaps even twenty-four days.
I might’en not set the world on fire today, yet even the smallest accomplishments will still add up over a week‘s few moments here‘n‘there.
Oh yeah, Her Mostess is getting her old dynamo self back again. Could be with the progress she’s making I may just be able to harness her up along side the Haflinger Maggie For spring plowing yet. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Ya better leave Frieda alone. You're asking for a skillet on the head again. So glad she is doing well. Hope she doesn't mind if I tease.