Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Continued nice

Woke up to sunny skies. Got in so late last night I’ve got to get an earlier start today using today‘s sunny gift.
Want-a check out Wilma. Gosh, I like animals, anybody’s animals.
Have got to finish Digging up Handy’s drain field. Then take generator off for rebuild’s bench test.
Having breakfast I ate the last two slices bread toasted. The worst of the winter, presumably over, I need to trade fresh bread in the freezer before the old bread freeze dries.
Yesterday, Wilma’s first piglets under the heat lamp:

“Hey Ma. I’m here. Wasn’t easy coming out backwards.”:

As of this morning everything peaceful and right as it should be in the furrowing pen,. Wilma and her brood share an all together baby feeding:

Two Piglets have been lost. One, the runt of the litter didn’t make it yesterday; and, a second piglet was found alive with a broken back this morning. It was the one piglet with spots all over its cure hams (err….rump) giving the critter an appaloosa appearance.
It had come to pass in my side travels yesterday I was presented with a remarkable cash of bottled bourbons. They had once belonging to an old gentleman neighbor. Unfortunately he passed away before he had deployed these handsome specifies out and around his property, In some bundled papers in the garage maybe? In a hollowed tree? How about in the fork of a tree, which incidentally had happen where he had stashed one out in his wood lot. Just recently it’d been found tight within the fork of a tree that had grown tightly around it. This has got be one of the first times a tree has carried a poke table pint on it’s hip! I haven’t hear whether he had stashed any bottles in the house…., liking my adopting father-in-law had stashed one of his whiskeys in the household’s furnace pipes.

The last couple days have been most momentous. Take for instance Frieda and I have both wasted two hours minimum both these days trying to lock down a MTA handicapped ride. Bottom line, I am so positively sorry I had supported the renewed millage to support these people with such a slipshod and unlikely service for patrons the such as ourselves. Have I been bamboozled into thinking this questionable transportation was never meant for my use? I’m ticked off!!!!

This it for today. Maybe the first quadrabike pictures tomorrow night Meanwhile.
Weather report: rain for next five days. It's about time our beautiful ended. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Wilma did herself proud. Sorry the two didn't make it.