Saturday, March 27, 2010

A day off for most

But not for me. Went shopping for neighbor, Frieda and myself. Almost had to go bring Handy home. Run into his sister, and she said she’d handle it. Thankfully her volunteering let me off the hook. Tomorrow another neighbor has volunteered to come over and finish hand grading Handy’s trench for field tile installation and backfilling.
I knew Ollie down by barn has a leaking tire. Been also informed another Ollie down the road also has a tire leak. Whoopppeeee. One fair tire on the second tractor will mount on the first Ollie. Then the first Ollie will receive all both two new tires. Three drivers to change coming up shortly, I thinks I’d rather slooge mud for a couple weeks. Still’ve got at least 8 LT’s and 7 drivers to cut up. Could be tomorrow’s rainy day job. Got three bias tires. One might be (could be) turned into a swinging tree pony.
Speaking of tires I got four trashed tires cut for trash pickup; three LT tires into thirds and one tractor driver quartered. Finished wearing out two saw blades doing these tires. Checking tire service catalogue I see there’s a 17” sq. 6 ply boot available for $30.00 plus. I think one 80% tire what looks like it ran over a “T” fence post could be repaired in such a manner. It’d be good enough for haying for another five to seven years anyway. Haying will light work for one Ollie.
Going through the bills the other day found two cash refunds almost enough to make a “C” note. Trying to save some money cutting expenses I bundled our cable, telephone, and internet all for one supposed bargain price. Then GIMP to entertain herself she unknowingly charged up a bunch of “Pay Per View” movies. Damn, I can’t win for loosing. Well I put a dollar limit (stopping anymore accidental movie charges) that’ll work for both of us. $5.00 pay view each?!?!?!? :^((
Coming out of the grocery store this AM I passed an older gentleman collecting contributions for mentally challenged people help. For or five steps past the gentleman I returned to his station and oddly enough contributed a couple bucks. As tight fisted as I am I don’t normally contribute nothing. Whatever am I coming to. Cash contributions twice within the last year. Normally my charitable contributions are in the forms of firewood, groceries, medical appointment drive, or paying for the medication somebody broke. Well anyway I told him my son’s story his mind and body fried between ingested excessive soda pop and very likely pain medications. He related a similar horror story his son with downs syndrome. Oh crap. His kid never had a chance.
Phillip has returned from his 10 day team truck driving road trip. Say’s he ain’t ever never driving with this companion again. Called him an unsafe driver kicking the loaded 18 wheeled semi out of gear on down grades. No moral manors, of decency urinating anywhere he had the notion, not even stepping the other side of the truck. I’ve been caught short a couple times and used some sense as not too embarrass myself and the passing public. And, everything’s is the other guy’s fault.
It’s been a suggestive first weekends day filled with fun and related adventures. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Just stopping in to see what you've been up to. I've been gone with my daughters for a couple of days. I see you're still busy.