Saturday, November 10, 2012

My 1st Craft Fair Partisipation

Attended my first craft fair to hopefully sell my "Snata's Raindeer Hay" story book. A late entry, all the tables gone, I was offered a spot in the building's foyer. 'Twas alright with me. All I needed was a toll bar stool with a towel on top to lay 3 or 4 my books on. "Twas an ideal place to offer my book, catching the patrons coming and going.
The sales were near backward as it wasn't afternoon before I sold my 1st book. Then I only had 3 sales all afternoon total. However, I had managed to stir some interest my telling the children and their some potentual customer parent buyers where they could purchase my books in this little rural comunity.
I talked to lots of children getting their interest to come see and hear me tell the "Santa's Reindeer Hay" story over in/at/to this villiage's library Dec.7th. This should be interesting, I'm looking forward to the story telling event. Hmm, meanwhile I better practice telling the story to my captive Frieda audience. Silently LMAO.
Other than running the local road for doing my chores at 1st light and an hour late for craft fair set up, I was only behind something like 15 minutes. All in all I enjoyed myself and I still expect sales to pick up as Christmas becomes nearer.

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