Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Learnin' Ta Read

6:00 AM and have been awake for awhile. So as long as I was up I picked up a good book and read it aloud. I thought I had best better practice reading the "Santa's Reindeer Hay" book so's I'm better prepared for my up coming kiddy audences. I don't want to be a disapointment to my growing Santa Claus fans.
Looking out my door window this morning what had my eyes seen, snow. It was only a lite dusting yet so welcomed for this time of year. Seeing the snow has lifted and brightened my Christmas anticipation. This reminds me, I haven't made out my own Christmas stocking list.
Had a phone call from a book promotor last night willing to sacrifice some of his time for a healthy amount of money upon my part in his support. I flabercasted him with news I had written and gotten out my own press releases and been invited to make a loco TV appearance. He He He!
More later:
Later = Told ya!
Spending time in the shop I rebent some steel tubing a new round 8' diameter bottom ring for a hay feeder one day soon I need to return to the shop. Tried my luck at reinventing a new way to install a wheel cylinder bleeder. Two atemps atit failing it could be my back at the drawing board or drawing on my mind for more ideas.
Tomorrow's appointment will have to be postponed again. Nuts! Seems a new water line for another fountain has to be run in while the ground digable before the earth has frozen. Plus one of the neighbors neds a drain line dug up. Shausbott!
Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing that feeder taking up the shop floor deployed, out of my way, and put to good use. I want to get both trucks in and at least mechanically fixed to be driven. I'm getting tired my projects being repeatably put on hold. I need some more economical wheels to get me around.

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